Mary Catchur of Marimark Mortgage takes the worry out of having to get a mortgage.

Getting a mortgage for a new home – or refinancing your current one — can seem daunting and overwhelming, especially if you’re dialing toll-free numbers at big banks and aren’t quite sure what you’re getting yourself into.

Fortunately, there’s an option where you have the same access to financial products, but can work with experts who are right here in New Tampa. At Marimark Mortgage, which has been located in the Tampa Palms Professional Center off Commerce Park Blvd. since it opened in 2006, the staff will help you through the process every step of the way.

“We all have the same products and very similar rates,” says Marimark Mortgage owner Mary Catchur. “What differentiates me and my business is our level of service and our commitment to educating the homebuyer.”

Mary is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who spent 13 years as an auditor for KPMG (Klynveld, Peat, Marwick & Goerdeler), one of the “Big Four” U.S. public accounting firms which was founded in The Netherlands. Then, she was the chief financial officer for an internet-based real estate company, in which she established a mortgage division.

Her current clients benefit from this broad financial background, as Mary applies her skills and experience to assist loan applicants, reviewing each client’s financial status and advising them about loans that make sense for their individual situations.

Mary says that many of her clients come to her after previously being disappointed with other mortgage companies. With special circumstances such as being self-employed, or retired and living off of assets, other companies may not know how to structure a loan.

“They don’t have the financial background to understand,” she says. “I understand financial issues, such as ways to give [retired clients] an income stream based on their assets, but someone who doesn’t have a financial background wouldn’t know how to navigate that process.”

Marimark offers a complete line of financing options, such as conventional loans, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans and loans through the Veterans Administration (VA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Mary is a Pennsylvania native who grew up helping out at her family’s electrical business, but she has called Tampa home since 1979. She earned her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees in Accounting and French from the University of South Florida (USF) and currently maintains her mortgage broker’s license in Florida, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

“With today’s technology, you don’t need to be located in the same area to do business,” Mary explains, adding that she serves many clients outside of Florida, many of whom find her on the internet.

“It’s always best to shop around and remember that your bank is not your only choice for a mortgage.”

Unparalleled Customer Service

There are other reasons why Mary’s clients say she stands out among other companies in the business, and Mary encourages anyone interested in looking for financing for their home to Google “Marimark Mortgage.” She says you’ll get a good picture of what it’s like to work with Marimark from the company’s reviews.

One common theme is that her customer service is top notch.

Karla Folstad is a local Realtor with Easy Street Realty who regularly refers clients to Marimark. “Mary is one of my go-to lenders, she says. “She is an unbelievable service provider and has worked miracles for a couple of my clients when another lender has dropped the ball.”

For example, she says that recently, a large bank told her clients there was no way to close a deal in 25 days, but Karla referred them to Marimark, and Mary said she could get it done. “That bank said, ‘If someone told you they can get this deal closed sooner than us, they’re a liar,’” Karla recalls.

As it turned out, the loan was rushed and approved so quickly, Karla says her clients could have closed five days sooner than they needed to.

“She’s so professional and so on top of things, and I enjoy working with her a lot,” says Karla of Mary. “I know when I send clients to her they’re going to close.”

Sally Rosfeld moved to New Tampa last year and she says she was, “amazed at the amount of personal service. Usually, getting a mortgage is really stressful, but this is the easiest time we’ve ever had getting a mortgage. There was no stress. Mary paid attention to every deal and took all the pressure off of us.”

She adds, “It was like working with a friend. I would recommend her to anyone.”

“My approach is straightforward and educational,” Mary says. “When I got into the business, I saw a real need to educate people so they know why the product they’re getting is better for them.”

Mary says she shouldn’t be the one choosing a product for a client, but it’s important for her clients to be fully educated about their loan product. For example, maybe you’ve been offered a low rate, but do you know what fees you have to pay to get that rate?

“Maybe the most important thing to you is getting the lowest possible payment, or maybe it’s paying the least amount of money over the life of the loan, but we need to talk about your entire scenario and what your goals and needs are,” she explains.

Mary also is proud that Marimark offers a streamlined, efficient process, with great communication. She uses technology to her clients’ and her company’s advantage, such as, for example, automatic notifications every step of the process.

“It sounds so simple, but we communicate with people,” Mary says. “We communicate with all parties — of course the buyer and the title company, but also the seller’s Realtor and the buyer’s Realtor and the appraisal management company. When the processor moves on the file, like if she clicks that she ordered the appraisal, the notice goes to everybody.” 

Marimark Mortgage is located at 5327 Primrose Lake Cir. For more information, visit, call (813) 910-8020, or see the ad on page 46.

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