At 2 p.m. on July 12, more than four hours after it was cancelled, lines to take advantage of Build-A-Bear Workshop’s “Pay Your Age” promotion still stretched around the building. (Photo: John C. Cotey)

The longest lines in the history of the Shops at Wiregrass ended with sadness for many on July 12, as customers had to be turned away when the popular toy company was forced to abandon its “Pay Your Age” promotion in mid-stream.

The promotion sounded great on paper. For one day only, customers could purchase a stuffed animal for the price of their age. For a toy that can run from $15 and (much) higher, it sounded too good to be true.
And for many, it was.

All across the country, and at the Wiregrass location, the promotion had to be cut short, due to overwhelming demand. At Wiregrass, a line of more than 1,000 people stretched around the back of Build-A-Bear, around JCPenney and down past Moe’s SW Grill when the promotion was canceled at 10:30 a.m.

Those who were already there were allowed to stay, but no one else was allowed to get in line.
Even by 2 p.m., the line still went all the way behind Build-A-Bear. It was a sunny and blistering hot day, so the mall was nice enough to bring out a container of green-and-white umbrellas to help customers shield themselves from the elements.

Build-A-Bear has announced that those who join its free “Count Your Candles” program can still pay their age for a “Birthday Treat Bear,” which is usually $14, during their birthday month only.

VROOOM: BMW is hoping to open a showroom at S.R. 56 and Mansfield Blvd., after filing plans with Pasco County and having a pre-application meeting in July.

The BMW showroom would be 32,758 square feet, and bring another luxury auto dealership to Wesley Chapel.

In the last year alone, Wesley Chapel has seen Lexus and Audi luxury brands added to a three-year-old Mercedes-Benz dealership.

The plans filed with the county do not identify the dealership’s owner.





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