Clients take part in a group workout in the FitBomb infrared sauna at Cabana Spas.

When chaos and stress are running up the score in the game of life, Cabana Spas offers a place where you can call a personal “time out”.

Originally opened two years ago in Wesley Chapel’s Seven Oaks Plaza on S.R. 56, Cabana Spas has expanded to two other locations: one in the Carrollwood/Lutz area, and the other in the downtown Tampa Channel District.

Cabana Spas promotes itself as a place to, “Relax, Refresh & Renew.”

“Every one of our services fulfills at least one of those categories,” says Glen Harrod, who co-owns Cabana Spas with his wife, Jill.

Services available at Cabana Spas include hydro-massage, oxygen therapy, facial LED therapy, an infrared sauna large enough for multiple people, teeth whitening and more.

The rejuvenation begins as soon as you step through the door as you leave behind the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world and the responsibilities and pressures that go with it.

MacKenzie Carr, area manager of Cabana Spas’ parent company — which is called “Glill,” a combination of Glen and Jill’s names — says the growing business has a “New Age” atmosphere that looks to transport you from business to pleasure.

“The energy of the store is relaxing,” Carr says. “You’re not really walking into a business; (it’s more like) you’re walking into our home.”

Cabana Spas’ concierge service can also be called “hospitable pampering.”

“We want to make sure our clients are taken care of and we give them the royal treatment” says Carr, who explains that first-time customers begin their Cabana Spa experience with a conversation about what they want to achieve. “We’re going to sit down with a client and have a consultation with them and ask, ‘Do you want to relax, do you want to refresh, or do you want to renew?,’” she says.

A Unique Variety Of Services
Options are selected from Cabana Spa’s menu of services and treatments, based upon each clients’ desired outcomes, such as relieving muscle tension, improving skin conditions and even weight loss.

“We’re big on making our customers feel good about themselves internally and externally,” says Carr. “We have a lot of services that take care of the skin and (also have services) that make you feel good on the inside.”

Services are provided in a self-directed manner, meaning clients generally apply treatments — including teeth whitening and facial masks — themselves after receiving instructions from a Cabana Spas team member, who will also make sure you have all of the information you need before you try any of the relaxing and refreshing therapies.

Here are a few popular services offered by Cabana Spas:

The Oxygen Bar (above left) at Cabana Spas on S.R. 56 has a number of different flavors to offer, while the Hydration Station (right) mists the body with steam, which can include ingredients such as an aloe-based moisturizer. (Photos: Gavin Olsen)

Hydro Massage: There are many different ways to deliver a hydro massage, which has long been considered a natural remedy for a number of maladies.

At Cabana Spas, this choice offers a deep-tissue stimulation delivered via a table with a mattress-like top that transmits energy from pulsating jets of water to a client’s body.

FitBomb: The Fit Bomb Infrared Sauna can be a solo excursion, or 2-3 people can relax or even enjoy a workout together.

Getting the benefits of a dry sauna has typically meant enduring not only heat, but the tedium of inactivity during a sweat session. That is not the case with the FitBomb.

It is cozy in size, but is configured so customers can use their session to do some resistance training with built-in D-ring fixtures, or merely just to relax by watching videos on a monitor inside the FitBomb.

Facial LED Therapy: While Cabana Spas doesn’t offer indoor tanning (although that is available nearby, at Glen and Jill’s South Beach Tanning Company location on Bruce B. Downs Blvd., in the Super Target-anchored Northwood Plaza), it does harness the reputed cosmetic power of light in the forms of facial LED therapy.

Using the intense illumination from different colored lights as treatment, Wesley Chapel store manager Olivia Fleshman says each of the seven different colors of LED light used have specific benefits.

“Blue light is going to kill bacteria, so it’s really good for acne-prone skin,’’ she says. “Red light is going to help with scarring and fine lines or wrinkles and the green light is really good for oily or sensitive skin and blackheads. The yellow light has a relaxing effect and it’s really good for soothing a sunburnt face.”

Hydration Station: Another popular service with Cabana Spas’ clients, the hydration station, is an open-ended capsule that mists the body with steam, which can include ingredients such as an aloe-based moisturizer.

“It’s like a steam bath from the neck down and is really good for hydrating the skin,” says Fleshman.
Oxygen Bar: A session at Cabana Spas can be breathtaking, so for clients who want to top off their lungs with some flavored oxygen, the members-only Cabana Room features an Oxygen Bar.

Customers partake of the life-giving gas through disposable “nose-hose” masks, that allow you to drink beverages such as coffee or water, and have conversations.

Carr says the atmosphere often becomes festive and has generated the idea of a Cabana Bash, whereby customers can rent out the facility to have a private oxygen party for a few hours.

The Oxygen Bar is popular with clients who gather in the Cabana Room to inhale the fragrances and often bond over the experience, perhaps comparing the merits of berry over mint and otherwise getting acquainted.

Oxygen bars are a popular feature at “high-end Las Vegas casinos,” Carr says.

Satisfied Customers

The Harrods often partner with other Wesley Chapel businesses to promote their shopping center oasis, and that’s how Astrid Jean-Paul discovered it.

Astrid is a busy executive who runs the J&M Consulting Firm in New Tampa. She says she earned a free visit at a local networking event, got hooked and is now a loyal customer of Cabana Spas.

“I made an appointment not knowing what to expect, thinking deep tissue massage, hot rocks, etc.,” says Jean-Paul. “But, I entered another world of innovation, technology, deep muscle detoxification, and so many more surprises. I now continuously invite my dear friends and family to experience this phenomenon of alternative health and beauty.”

Cabana Spas’ services are available as individual sessions or as part of a monthly membership.

Jill says the goal is to offer flexible access to meet the lifestyle needs of as many people as possible, whether they have 30 minutes or three hours available to indulge themselves.

“We’re affordable to your budget and also convenient because some people just want to run in on their lunch hour for one service or enjoy the oxygen bar,” she says.

And, no appointments are ever needed.

The Harrods are true lifestyle entrepreneurs, as they also operate three South Beach Tanning Company franchises (including the aforementioned one in Wesley Chapel) and a LaVida Massage franchise in Carrollwood.

While they take pride in serving the unique needs of the clients at all of their businesses, Cabana Spas occupies a special place in the Harrods’ entrepreneurial hearts.

“With Cabana Spas, there’s nobody else doing this,” says Glen. “It’s building a brand based upon personal services at a great value. Our memberships cost less than you would typically spend on one service at a resort-style spa. Cabana Spas is truly our own unique brand.”

The Wesley Chapel Cabana Spas is located at 27607 SR 56. It is open Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-9 p.m., 9 a.m.-7 p.m. on Friday and 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call (813) 991-4433, visit or search “Cabana Spas-Wesley Chapel” on Facebook

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