If you’re somehow still not watching our ongoing online video content, you’re part of an ever-dwindling minority. Our team of videographers and video editors, led by Charmaine George, with Richard Nasrallah and Matt Tsvetkov, have been providing the residents and businesses of New Tampa and Wesley Chapel with a wide variety of videos, all with beautiful footage and outstanding editing.

And, there’s no doubt that businesses are starting to take notice and are getting on our video/online bandwagon.

Our very first video partner is Total Air Solutions, which was the first business to sign up with us (in April) for this new “subscription” program.

From the first video we posted on April 7 with Total Air’s sponsorship, the air conditioning company’s logo has appeared on eight videos in less than six weeks. Among those videos were:

1) the groundbreaking for the expansion of the New Tampa Recreation Center (6,733 views, 11,204 FB reach & 262 engagements);

2) my interview with the owners of Smallcakes in Tampa Palms (12,153 views, 22,575 FB reach & nearly 1,000 engagements);

3) the groundbreaking for Pasco’s Performing Arts Center in Wesley Chapel (8,709 views, 12,223 FB reach & 950 engagements); 

4) Our most recent News Desk, about new openings on S.R. 56 and the Crystal Lagoons® amenity opening to the public (8,856 views, 14,461 FB reach & 1,925 engagements).

In just those four videos, Total Air Solutions’ logo has been viewed more than 36,000 times, reached more than 60,000 people, with more than 4,100 engagements — and that’s before Total Air’s Video Business Feature airs in early June! Not bad, right?

And now, our second video sponsor, Creative Permanent Makeup by Pam Edmonson, has had her logo sponsoring at least  four videos, with her best one being the opening of Chick-fil-A on S.R. 54 (above), which has had a Facebook reach of 18,198 and has been viewed more than 12,200 times.

Pam also sponsored our video about the groundbreaking for the Blue Heron Adult Living Facility in Seven Oaks (5,291 Facebook reach, 2,600 views) and not only sponsored, but also appeared in, our video about my “25 Years of Neighborhood News” celebration, which reached more than 5,700 people and had been viewed more than 3,200 times. For those three videos alone, Pam’s logo has been viewed more than 18,000 times and had reached nearly 30,000 people. Look for Pam’s upcoming Video Business Feature, which will be released in late-June.

However, Pam is currently only sponsoring our videos, which costs her business only $100 per month in addition to her print advertising cost, and includes that 2-3-minute-long Video Business Feature.  

Total Air, however, also has a “clickable” ad our website, NTNeighborhoodNews.com, which costs only $50 per month, on top of Total Air’s video sponsorship of $100 per month and the cost of Total Air’s print advertising.

And, there is value in sponsoring our website, too. Managing editor John Cotey posts different news items each day on our “Neighborhood News” Facebook page, which get online readers to click through to our website at a fairly impressive rate. Our top posts over the last few months include “Chick-fil-A Sets a Date” (17,705 FB reach & 2,800 link clicks), “Cypress Creek Town Center Lands Three Restaurants” (16,886 FB reach & 2,457 link clicks) and “Sprouts/Hunter’s Lake” (12,913 FB reach & 2,077 link clicks). 

To sponsor our online and video content, call (813) 910-2575 or email me at ads@NTNeighborhoodNews.com. 

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