Having recently celebrated two years on S.R. 56, Touch Nail Spa now offers even more space to accommodate even more clients.

Located in the Cypress View Square shopping plaza on S.R. 56 (the same plaza as Capital Tacos), Touch Nail Spa offers a beautiful, luxurious setting to enjoy a pedicure, a manicure, or one of the salon’s many other services, including eyelash extensions, waxing, facials and massages.

Timmy Pham and his wife Tiffany opened the salon in March 2017. Business has been brisk, which led them to expand their space from 3,200 square feet to 4,800. The additional 1,600 square feet allowed them to add 17 additional pedicure chairs (for a total of 33) and nine additional stations for manicures (for a total of 30).

The new space opened last August. It’s a perfect area for private parties, and Timmy invites guests to reserve the space for groups from six to 20 people.

“You can pick any services you want,” he says, “and all services are 10-percent off for everyone in the party.”

Touch Nail Spa celebrated its two-year anniversary on March 24 by giving a free manicure or pedicure to the first 50 guests that day.

Timmy designed the salon himself, and it is beautiful, relaxing, upscale and clean.

In fact, Timmy describes it as “flawlessly clean,” with gleaming floors and spotless tabletops, a tidy restroom, and all surfaces and tools sanitized for each individual person.

While the salon is large, it maintains a quiet, relaxing atmosphere. Timmy says he and the staff pay attention to every detail to ensure a nice ambiance is maintained. For example, they immediately greet each visitor as they walk through the door and the TVs are kept quiet. Touch Nail Spa offers a complimentary beverage with every service, such as water, soda or even wine, served in a chilled glass (limit one per adult customer with I.D.).

More Techs, More Services

While the décor reflects a more upscale experience, with its high ceilings, large windows, and beautiful surfaces and fixtures, don’t let that fool you. Touch Nail Spa’s prices are affordable.

Timmy says most customers come in for a manicure and/or pedicure, and the salon offers a menu of options to fit everyone’s individual taste. 

Currently, there are 43 employees working at Touch Nail Spa, all of whom are State-licensed in cosmetology. They can help you figure out which services are the best fit for you.

Manicures may include a simple polish, gel polish, dipping powder or acrylic nails.

A variety of spa manicures and pedicures are offered, and even the “Simple Touch” pedicure (just $25) includes a callus treatment, pineapple sugar scrub, hot towel wrap and lotion massage, along with nail trimming and shaping, buffing and cuticle grooming.

For an even more spa-like experience, a variety of “Hot Touch” pedicures are offered ($45-$60). These include a hot stone massage for your legs and feet, plus additional treatments — such as specialized exfoliation for the bottom of the feet and a mask for legs and heels.

A couple of specific brands of pedicures have been recently added, by customer request. One is the Volcano Spa pedicure, which includes a bubbly, fizzing treatment added to the pedicure water. Another is the Nu Skin organic pedicure.

Timmy says that you’ll always be able to find the color you want at Touch Nail Spa. He carries 1,700 different colors, and every color available in a regular polish is available as a gel color, too. That means you have access to 3,400 bottles of color.

Manicures using dipping powder, which is a newer service, add a layer to your nails that is as strong as acrylic, but much healthier for your nails. Timmy says he offers the dipping powder in 2,000 colors.

The thousands of colors are one thing that really sets Touch Nail Spa apart.

“Everyone has dips, everyone has gel,” says Timmy. “We have more colors, and we have less waiting because we have more employees.”

So, while he offers a relaxing experience, you can get in and out quickly if you need to.

Joy is a Touch Nail Spa client who says she has been coming in since it opened. She still comes in once a month for a pedicure and dip for her nails.

“Their customer service is amazing,” she says. “The atmosphere is nice and it’s not too noisy. It has a nice ambiance and is very clean. For example, they have a disposable wrap for the pedicure chair, which decreases the risk of infections.”

Joy’s favorite nail technician, Mai, says all services at Touch Nail Spa are guaranteed for two weeks. If your nails don’t last two weeks, come back and they’ll fix it. 

“But, you don’t need to come back because they do such a good job,” Joy says.

Specials & Perks

Treat yourself to a birthday manicure and pedicure! Timmy says if you come in on your birthday and purchase two services, you’ll receive 50-percent off the more expensive service. You must show ID that it is your actual birthdate; not valid any other day.

Touch Nail Spa also offers a new customer reward program. Upon arrival, sign in on one of the salon’s iPads, and sign up for your free membership. Rewards members receive 1 point for every dollar spent, and when you reach 500 points, you receive your choice of a free simple touch pedicure or $25 off any other pedicure service.

You also can now purchase e-gift cards for Touch Nail Spa online at the spa’s website, TouchNailAndSpa.com.

Originally from Vietnam, Timmy has been in the U.S. 23 years and has been doing nails almost 19 years. Tiffany and Timmy met when he spent a year in Chicago about 12 years ago and have now been married about six years.

Timmy previously owned a nail salon in Kentucky. He moved to Florida seven years ago and has worked at other salons in the area. He says he opened Touch Nail Spa because of his desire to serve customers at a higher level.

“It’s been a lot of hard work,” he says, to grow the business the way it has, “but the results of that hard work are showing.”

Touch Nail Spa currently is looking to hire a full-time receptionist. If you’re interested in applying, please call the salon at the number below.

Touch Nail Spa is located at 27233 S.R. 56 and is open Monday-Saturday, 9:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m., and 11 a.m.–5 p.m. on Sunday. Walk-ins and appointments are welcome. To make an appointment or ask about services, call (813) 973-4111.

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