The team at Farina Orthodontic Specialists invites you to check out the practice’s high-tech office and family-centric atmosphere on BBD Blvd. in Wesley Chapel.IiPads and a beverage bar are available in the lounge, and Drs. Farina and Wagner use 3D imaging for a more complete picture of your oral health.

If you were to wear a GoPro camera during your dental appointment at any of the three offices of Farina Orthodontic Specialists, take the footage home and show your friends and family, they might think you’d had an appointment years in the future.

The whole experience at the newest office of Farina Orthodontic Specialists (on Bruce B. Downs {BBD} Blvd. in Wesley Chapel) begins from the time you pull into the parking lot of the new, modern cube-shaped building.

As you walk into the atrium, through the waiting area, 3D imaging center, consultation rooms and treatment rooms, the entire building has the feel of a futuristic utopia.

Popular music is triggered by the front door opening, scented air is pushed through the air-conditioning system and you’ll be greeted by what Mark Farina, D.M.D. (Doctor of Dental Medicine) calls his, “Directors of First Impressions” — his amazing staff. 

“It’s a fun, family atmosphere here,” Dr. Farina says. “We’ve got staff that’s been with us for 20 years. This is the place to come if you’re looking for a family-centric practice with state-of-the-art technology and award-winning results.”

Dr. Farina earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Biology from Boston College in Boston, MA. He earned his D.M.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in Philadelphia and did his post-graduate orthodontic training at New York University in New York City, NY.

He also has received advanced training in the integrated diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint pain, or TMJ, and has served on research teams at both New York University and the University of Pennsylvania to help find new and better ways to solve orthodontic problems.

But, Farina Orthodontic Specialists is indeed a family affair. Dr. Mark Farina and his nephew, Dr. Rudy Wagner, bring nearly a quarter-century of combined 24 experience to the practice, with three locations in the Tampa Bay area — one in South Tampa, one in Tampa Palms (off Amberly Dr. and BBD) and the shiny, new eye-catching facility in Wesley Chapel, between the Shops at Wiregrass and AdventHealth Wesley Chapel. 

Dr. Wagner, who was born in the U.S. but raised in Puerto Rico joined his uncle in 2015, after graduating with his D.M.D. degree from the University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine in San Juan, where he also earned both his Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Biology and his Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Dental Sciences. 

Dr. Rudy also did post-graduate work at Lehigh Valley Hospital, in Allentown, PA, where he had a general practice residency, and his post-graduate orthodontic training at the University of Puerto Rico.

Radical Transparency?

The office in Wesley Chapel that Farina Orthodontic Specialists built and moved into in March of 2018 puts Dr. Farina’s mantra of “Radical Transparency” to the ultimate and literal test. Just about every door in the office is glass. Most treatment rooms aren’t even enclosed. Dr. Farina’s idea of transparency allows for an openness that applies to every aspect of the experience, even down to the fee schedules.

“From treatments to fees to procedures, we are transparent in everything we do,” he says. 

The transparency overlaps with the theme of treating patients like family.

Melissa’s daughter had her braces done at Farina Orthodontic Specialists and she has been able to be involved every step of the way.

“From the moment we entered the office, everyone was friendly and helpful,” writes parent Melissa C. on “Each visit after, we have been greeted with warm smiling faces and our kids are excited to go to the lobby waiting area and dive into the fun things waiting for them.”

“As a parent, I am happy to have a seat near my daughter when her braces and teeth are worked on,” she wrote. “I can ask questions of the technician and orthodontist during the appointment.”

If a patient or patient’s family member has to wait, they can use one of the four iPads available in the tech center. The lounge is complete with a beverage bar, offering an assortment of drinks, both hot and cold. Of course, parents who want to be right next to their child during a procedure can utilize that option as well. It’s all part of that radical transparency. and it’s also why Farina Orthodontic Specialists often treats families across two or even three generations. 

Dr. Wagner remembers shadowing Dr. Farina in the summer of 2000 when he was  fresh out of high school in Puerto Rico.

“I loved his ability to connect with people,” Dr. Wagner says. “I enjoyed sitting, watching him talk with patients and developing relationships. It gave me the confidence to pursue this field.”

Dr. Wagner splits time between the three offices, while Dr. Farina is the mainstay at the Wesley Chapel location. 

Let’s Get Technical

The Farina Orthodontic Specialists experience in Wesley Chapel is unique, as it combines cutting-edge technology and advanced treatment options. 

Once a new patient signs in (there are no papers to fill out —  everything is digital), the next stop is the 3D Imaging Room, where an i-CAT 3D Machine takes a three-dimensional image of not just the patient’s teeth, but also their bones and airways. The process takes 4.8 seconds.

There’s no probing, no prying, no irritation. The 3D Imaging can help bring clarity to a number of problems. With orthodontics, it’s not always just teeth being out of alignment. The patient could have a temporomandibular disorder (TMD), which is an irregularity with the temporomandibular joint, also known as TMJ. This can cause clicking, popping or just pain and discomfort in the jaw area. The 3D imaging helps the orthodontist diagnose the issue better than a traditional X-ray. The issue might not even be TMD; it could be the patient’s airway. 

Farina Orthodontic Specialists also treats sleep apnea and snoring, both of which can be the result of an obstructed airway. The imaging also can detect airway development problems in children. 

Sitting in the consultation room, a patient can look over their three-dimensional image of not just bone but of tissue. The process combines digital impressions created with the 3D imaging machine and intra- and extra-oral photographs, offering a more complete picture of the patient’s oral health. 

“Going over the results in our casual conference rooms, three questions emerge,” Dr. Farina says. “How do we solve the problem, how long is it going to take and how much is it going to cost?”

And, Coming Soon…

Starting this fall, the Farina Orthodontic Specialists website ( will offer a Virtual Smile option, where patients will be able to upload a photo of themselves and get a virtual consultation from the comfort of their own home.

To get a real feel for the new and innovative treatment options, however, office visits are tough to beat.

“Parents probably remember the days when we used stainless steel in braces and everything hurt,” Dr. Wagner says. “The new wires are a nickel-titanium alloy, they’re more flexible, the brackets are smaller now and the wires are more flexible and comfortable.”

Farina Orthodontic Specialists uses the Invisalign® brand of clear aligners. Dr. Farina calls Invisalign a “pioneer” in the technology and Invisalign has designated Farina Orthodontic Specialists a “Diamond Plus,” or in the top one percent of North America orthodontic practices with Invisalign patients.

Clear aligners can be 3D-printed right there in the office or can be sent off to Invisalign. Dr. Wagner says he remembers using Invisalign to correct a gap in his own front teeth while he was in college.

“I was very self-conscious about it,” he says. “But, the experience turned out to be fine. It was easy, comfortable and I was still able to enjoy my life and lifestyle and not have any issues.”

Utilizing another piece of cutting-edge technology, Farina Orthodontic Specialists uses an iTero Element that allows a doctor or technician to visualize the treatment’s outcome. Adjustments can be made on the touch screen and sent to the 3D printing lab. From there, a model is rendered, and not just for an aligner — it also can be used to make retainers, sports mouth guards, breathing/sleep apnea appliances and TMJ appliances. Dr. Farina call it his “in-house laboratory.”

Combining a fun atmosphere with advanced technologies and treatment options is what Farina Orthodontics is all about and all three locations continue to reach new levels of both innovation and transparency. 

For appointments and more information about the Wesley Chapel office ((2370 BBD Blvd., Suite A), or any of the three locations of Farina Orthodontic Specialists, call (813) 972-2929, visit or see or see the ad on pg. 11. The office accepts most dental insurance plans.

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