Cappy’s Chicago-style pizza.

Based on results of our annual Reader’s Survey:

There is no doubt that Harold Hasselback, the owner of one of the five individually-owned Cappy’s Pizzerias in the Tampa Bay area, has never lost sight of what his City Plaza at Tampa Palms shopping center location does best.

While some restaurants try to be all things to all people, Cappy’s menu consists mainly of pizza, calzones, salads (like the awesome Greek salad) and beer.

The pizza, which I have described in years past as “thin crust, but not New York-style” and “deep-dish, but not authentic Chicago-style,” has been among our readers’ favorites since Cappy’s first opened in Tampa Palms almost a decade ago, but had never won the title of “Favorite Pizza in New Tampa” — until now.

It’s a credit to Hasselback and his laser focus on what Cappy’s does best — delicious food at great prices — that this long-time favorite (which first opened in South Tampa) has ascended to the top of our readers’ Favorite Pizza list.

But, it’s not a big surprise. The formula of fantastic food (and beer) in a fun, funky, family atmosphere is a proven formula for success — and now, a Neighborhood News Reader Award! — GN 

2. Taste of New York Pizzeria
Taste of New York Pizzeria has been a favorite of yours truly and our readers in New Tampa since it opened, but this true NY-style pizza place has never finished as high in our annual Reader Survey as it has this year. It’s always, in my opinion, had the best NY-style crust and obviously, many of you agree.

3. Marco’s Pizza
Marco’s Pizza is probably the best of the national pizza chains for my money, even though, like Cappy’s, you can’t call it true NY-style pizza. Also like Cappy’s, quality ingredients is the obvious key as to why so many locals love Marco’s, and with new locations still popping up everywhere, our readers aren’t alone. 

4. Full Circle Pizza
Full Circle Pizza has grown in popularity with our readers since new owners Julia and Freddy Nova took over last year, and for good reason. Not only does Full Circle feature authentic Chicago-style thin-crust and deep-dish pizza, it also has delicious Italian specialties like chicken parm and tasty pastas. 

5. Precinct Pizza
Precinct Pizza has only been open at the eastern end of Cross Creek Blvd. for a couple of years, but despite that somewhat remote location, owner Rick Drury has continued to build his following as a NY-style pizza place that also has great hero sandwiches, calzones, rolls, burgers and pastas.

6. Papa John’s
7. Capri Pizza-n-More
8. Westshore Pizza
9. Pizza Hut
10. Domino’s

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