Lisa Feigel and her daughter Ashley Tillett run the Your CBD Store located in the Freedom Plaza at 30044 S.R. 54.

Lisa Feigel’s introduction to the power of cannabidiol, or CBD, happened in an unlikely place: Waupaca, WI.

It was there that her best friend, tired of listening to Lisa complain about her Fibromyalgia — which causes widespread muscle and joint pain — insisted she try CBD.

“I was like, ‘Don’t get me into that,’” Lisa recalled.

Now, Lisa is so into it, she owns two Your CBD Stores, including the first location in Wesley Chapel, open since August and located in the Freedom Plaza at 30044 S.R. 54.

CBD helped relieve Lisa’a aches and pains, as well as various joint issues she was suffering from. She says she has become a true believer and is hoping to provide the same relief to others.

Her daughter, Ashley Tillett, a former teacher, manages the store. Lisa introduced Ashley — who suffered from both joint pain and anxiety — to CBD, and her life has been changed as well.

Both ladies are eager to answer any questions their customers might have and guide them to the right solutions.  

“They can be skeptical,” Lisa says, but the tastefully and minimalist-designed store offers a soothing experience the minute you walk in.

“I tell people I manage a CBD boutique, because that’s what it is,” Ashley says. “It’s not a smoke shop. It’s not a (medical marijuana) dispensary.”

Your CBD Store doesn’t have hundreds of items that promise to do a million different things. It focuses on what it does best.

There are oils and creams and edible products infused with CBD, that offer much-desired relief from a plethora of problems, in various forms, with multiple dosage sizes.

Not only will Lisa and Ashley help find the right product to provide relief from what ails you, they also will check back in with you after a few days to make sure it worked. One of their hopes is that customers will choose CBD products over opioids and other addictive and sometimes dangerous drugs prescribed by doctors.

“We are invested in our customers,” Ashley says. “We want to know if they used it, if they have questions, how they feel and if we need to adjust their dosage.”

Should I Try It?

Some of the trepidation by customers stems from the link CBD has to the cannabis plant, which historically has a strong medicinal footprint, but hasn’t always had a great reputation.

Marijuana is a variety of cannabis, and contains more than 0.3% percent of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the ingredient that gets you “high.”

Hemp is also a variety of cannabis —  it is often called a cousin of marijuana — but it contains less than 0.3% of THC. 

CBD is derived from hemp and basically provides all of the health benefits of cannabis — without the high.

Studies to date are limited, but CBD has been touted for its effectiveness in treating childhood epilepsy by stopping the onset of seizures, and proponents say it can help relieve stress, inflammation and joint pain, as well as other physical and neurological maladies.

The CBD industry is in the midst of a growth explosion across the country, and regulation is growing stronger. But, Lisa warns, all CBD stores and their products are not created equal.

With more than 600 locations nationwide, Your CBD Store focuses on quality products, with third-party testing and QR codes on the bottles if you want to check out the lab reports.

SunMed CBD products is the exclusive supplier to Your CBD Stores. They have their own farms in Denver, CO, where they grow hemp, and the processing of those plants takes place in Florida. 

SunMed touts its Co2 extraction process for eliminating the need for chemical solvents while producing higher quality, full-spectrum CBD. 

After the Co2 extraction process, the CBD is processed again to remove even that small amount of THC to create SunMed CBD’s broad-spectrum offerings.

Full-spectrum products contain 0.3% of THC, which is the legal limit. While just the non-THC, broad-spectrum CBD oil alone can relieve pain and alleviate stress, sometimes it is more effective in combination with THC. 

Lisa says the full-spectrum CBD products are generally her biggest sellers.

Plenty of Choices!

Whichever spectrum customers choose, the CBD products come in various forms and flavors and a variety of dosages, and the store offers free samples for those who are curious.

There are water-soluble products designed to be dissolved in water, and that get into your system in 4-7 minutes, while lasting 3-4 hours. Tincture oils are dispensed under your tongue and take longer to get into your system — 45 minutes or so — but last longer than the water-soluble products (typically around 7-10 hours).

There also are gummies, hard candy and honey sticks, which can be stirred into your coffee or tea.

Lisa says the topical creams are another big seller. They provide relief by being rubbed on balky knees, bad backs, sore shoulders and more.

Publisher Gary Nager says the topical cream is the only thing that has provided relief for his knees. 

“I’ve spoken with doctors who have said it works for them or they have patients who tell them it’s a godsend,” Nager says. “I’d have to agree.”

SunMed also makes award-winning skincare products — the collagen cream is popular, Lisa says — and products for dogs (edible treats, water solubles and tinctures) who may suffer from anxiety when their owners leave home, in thunderstorms or on holidays when fireworks are being set off.

At the September USA CBD Expo in Miami, FL, which had more than 300 vendors and 13,000 attendees, SunMed CBD was awarded two Excellence Awards for Best CBD Tincture and Best CBD Topical.

While CBD research is still in its infancy, some of the studies conducted have produced encouraging results when it comes to managing pain and inflammation with arthritis, as well as anxiety.

“You use Ambien if you need to sleep. You use Tylenol if you have a headache. You use Zoloft if you are stressed out,” says Ashley. “If you are all of those things, use CBD.”

Your CBD Store of Wesley Chapel is currently offering 10-percent off for any customer who mentions this article, and 5 percent off for any returning customer who brings in their empty product container.

Your CBD Store Wesley Chapel is located at 30044 S.R. 54. It is open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. daily, except for Saturdays, when it is open 11 a.m.-4 p.m. It also is closed on Sundays. For more information, call (813) 536-0119, visit or search YourCBDStoreWesleyChapel on Facebook.

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