Schools in Pasco County will be back in session this fall, but what that means and looks like for your student will be up to you.

On Thursday, superintendent Kurt Browning announced that parents will have three choices when classes resume in August.

  • Traditional: Just what it says — campuses will re-open and students will return to classes, just like before the Covid-19 pandemic shut schools down in March. There will be special social distancing measures taken, and children who bus to school will be expected to wear a mask, though wearing masks will be optional on campuses.
  • mySchool: This is an option for students not yet comfortable returning to campus, but who want to remain connected to their school. Students will attend scheduled classes every day, with synchronous class meetings. Elementary students can expect daily lessons with face to face connections, while secondary students can expect daily face-to-face connections for every period. This is expected to take most of the pressure and responsibility off parents who have had to take on the role of teacher in many cases.
  • Virtual: A full-time virtual school where students work on assignments during non-traditional hours, with contact with teachers and classmates via technology.

“There’s an option here for everyone,” Browning says.

Parents are being asked to study the information online at, and then choose what they believe will be best for their child by filling out an online form right HERE.

The deadline to make a choice is July 1.

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