Clean-it owner Celly De Freitas posed without a mask for this picture, but all Clean-it staffers have been wearing masks and gloves to clean our editor’s apartment, even before the Covid-19 pandemic. Clean-it is accepting new clients now, so let them make your home or office sparkle, too!

Is your home or office in need of a major cleaning? If you’ve been concerned about bringing someone into your home to clean during the Covid-19 pandemic, with Florida now in Phase 2 reopening under Gov. Ron Desantis’ plan, and the steps our friend Celly De Freitas of Clean-it and her crew take to make sure your home is left “Covid-clean,” I couldn’t recommend anyplace else to start looking for that help.

Celly came to mine and Jannah’s medium-sized, two-bedroom apartment to find out what we expect to be cleaned every time she and/or members of her team arrive, how often we want them to clean and what things are either optional or don’t have to be cleaned on every visit.

She walked through our pre-cleaned (does anyone not do that?) apartment with us to discuss, in some detail, what we want done in the bathroom, kitchen, each bedroom and the living room. Did we need her to clean our small terrace (nope), do dishes, start laundry or take out the garbage (we have valet trash, but she’ll tie it up and run it down to the dumpster if we need her to), or wipe down our baseboards? They even do windows if/when you need them to, etc.

Let’s Get Into It!

For that first cleaning, Celly cleaned our place herself, with one assistant, so that she could show that member of her team what her (and our) expectations are for each item on that checklist. She also will prep any other member of her crew who ends up cleaning a client’s home or office in the future about what they need to do to properly clean it, so there is never a drop-off in the quality of the cleaning when Celly doesn’t do the job herself, an issue we’ve had with other services.

And, after that walk-through, the price Celly will quote you will often be lower than what you might expect (or perhaps, what you’ve paid before) for such high-quality cleaning.

She always tries to have the same people cleaning our apartment whenever possible, but things can happen and she will do everything she can to make sure she never misses a cleaning appointment, even if she has to be at our place on a different day than usual, and it genuinely matters to her that every client is just as happy with Clean-it as we have been.

That quality control is probably more important to Celly than it has been to anyone else who has ever provided home or office cleaning services for me. It’s just the way she’s wired, the way she approached cleaning when she worked for someone else after she and her husband Roger and their two (then-)young sons, Henrique and Patrick, moved from their native Brazil 23 years ago and she worked in Tampa for another cleaning service.

It’s the same way Celly has run Clean-it since she branched out on her own in 2013, and it shows.

Although she does so with a beautiful accent, Celly speaks and understands English perfectly. Although some of her staff of eight speak only/mainly Portugese, Spanish or both, she will always respond to calls or texts of concern from her clients and will make sure to fix anything they’re not happy with — if not right away, then definitely before the next time she sends anyone from her team to your place.

“It’s always nice when people say nice things about us, tip the girls or especially, when they recommend us to someone else,” she says. “I like to keep all of my clients happy.”

Covid-Careful, Too!

Jannah and I were definitely concerned about bringing someone into our home to clean during the Covid-19 crisis, but here’s what we knew from the moment Clean-it started cleaning our place several months before the pandemic hit: 

She and her girls already wore masks and gloves, they always used their own environmentally-safe cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaner, our kitchen and bath surfaces had never been disinfected better nor had our place ever smelled better than it did after they were done. And, even though we usually leave the house while they’re cleaning, we’re always appreciative of the quality of the job each time we return.

Plus, she says that unlike many cleaning services, she didn’t furlough her employees and did everything she could to retain as many of her clients as possible when everyone was self-isolating. “Business has picked back up,” Celly says, “but it hasn’t been an easy time..for anyone.”

Also, if you have kids and pets, she says, “We know they sometimes come into contact with cleaning products, whether from licking or just having their hands on the floor. So, we use products that won’t be harmful to their health.”

Even so, she adds that Clean-it also is happy to use the cleaning products you use in your home if that’s what you prefer.

To schedule a no-obligation consultation with Celly De Freitas of Clean-it, call (813) 505-0431 or email For more information, see the ad on pg. 37 of this issue or search “Clean-it” on Facebook. Neighborhood News readers receive 10% off their first cleaning by mentioning this article.

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