Here are this year’s Teacher of the Year nominees, as chosen by their respective schools in New Tampa. Also listed are the Ida S. Baker (ISB) Diversity Educator of the Year and the Instructional Support Employee (ISE) of the Year nominees from each New Tampa school.

Turner Bartels K-8 School
Teacher: Briana Rabiero, 2nd Grade
ISB: Marelisa Moreno 
ISE: Sue Garcia
Liberty Middle School
Teacher: Megan Sullivan, Reading
ISB: Brenda Silva 
ISE: Daina Vasquez
Hunter’s Green Elementary
Teacher: Brittany Nieves, 1st Grade
ISB: Amanda Palmer 
ISE: Lorrie Noble
Pride Elementary
Teacher: Deana Brennen, 1st Grade
ISB: Eva Garcia 
ISE: Emma Torres
Heritage Elementary 
Teacher: Autumn Banks, 4th Grade
ISB: Laura Korte 
ISE: Yesenia Ackels
Tampa Palms Elementary
Teacher: Ashley Weston, 1st Grade
ISB: Caitlin Walker 
ISE: Patricia Hollenbeck
Freedom High
Teacher: Christina Grigoropoulos, Science
ISB: Bonnie Fuhrmeister
ISE: Walfriedo Lemes
Benito Middle School
Teacher: Daniel Gostkowski, Math
ISB: Sherri Jackson 
ISE: Veronica Gonzalez
Wharton High
Teacher: Michael Sawyer, Business Technology
ISB: Carmen Fernandez
ISE: Rafael Leon
Chiles Elementary
Teacher: Yessica Gilford, Art
ISB: Michael Zang 
ISE: Shamila Weeratunga
Clark Elementary
Teacher: Deborah Finnk, Media Specialist
ISB: Michelle Lilius
ISE: Nydia De Hoyos

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