They say Wesley Chapel has a little something for everyone.

Newly buily communities? Check.

Homes with land? Check.

Crystal clear lagoons? Check.

A house that can survive a missile strike? Check.


Yes, you read that right. Built on a 4.5-acre lot and located right off Quail Hollow Blvd. at 25910 Queen Sago Pl., this $500,000 listing has just what someone expecting the end of the world could want.

The listing, which was active when we went to press but is now off the market (and expected to be re-listed eventually), actually sounded pretty peaceful — the home “provides the luxury of being close to all the shopping centers, biking trails, and hiking routes while living in a peaceful wooded abode.”

Then, you get to the part about the 8-inch-thick, 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi) concrete roof, and you realize, that these folks weren’t messing around when it came to home security.

The home, or fortress if you prefer, was built in 1982 by David VanDercar, a survivalist, and his wife Candy. It is 3,000 square feet, has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and, naturally, a bunker.

Oh, and did we mention that the master bedroom doubles as a panic room, which features a thick bulletproof picture window and steel door? Check.

The VanDercars were quite thorough, however, in prepping for that missile strike.

The property has a hidden trail through the heavily-wooded area to ensure “adequate area land and wildlife in the nearby vicinity,” according to the listing on, plus a 10-foot deep pond “stocked with several species of fish,” a well and water source “designed and installed to avoid contamination and ensure an independent water supply, in case of local services shutting down.”

Secure living lifestyle, indeed! 

And, to answer your obvious question —yes, there’s even a hot tub, too.

But, this isn’t the first listing in the area to generate some serious buzz. Back in May, the manufactured home (photo above) at 3650 New River Rd., with 1,089 square feet of living space, was listed for a whopping $450,000 (it can now be had for $399,000).

That may still seem outrageous, until you considered that the garage is twice the size of the home and can accommodate six cars, and probably more important for whoever built it, a Class A motor coach.

While the 2BR, 2BA living area may be small — and the garage a tad oversized — for most of us, the property is located on more than an acre of land gorgeously landscaped with flowers and bamboo trees, and also featured a botanical garden and beautiful rock-scaped pool with a tiki hut. 

But, that garage though!

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