Dr. Roshni Ranjit-Reeves (with scissors), her family and staff at the Oculofacial Surgery & Cosmetic Institute in Lutz cut a North Tampa Bay Chamber ribbon on July 16. (Photos: Charmaine George)

With champagne flowing and a big smile as she cut a ribbon with the North Tampa Bay Chamber, Dr. Roshni Ranjit-Reeves officially opened her Oculofacial Surgery & Cosmetic Institute on S.R. 54 in Lutz on July 16.

“Dr. Rosh,” as her patients call her, came home to the Tampa Bay area with her husband, Dr. Corey Reeves, and their baby daughter after completing a fellowship and practicing at Duke University in Durham, NC.

As an attending physician, she says she enjoyed interacting with residents and medical students, being in academics and mentoring in the operating room and clinic, but was looking for something more.

“For 10 years I’ve been talking about opening a private practice, and now it’s finally here,” she said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “I have a vision for my own practice and I want to execute that.”

Dr. Rosh earned her Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from the University of South Florida’s Morsani College of Medicine in Tampa. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Biomedical Sciences from USF, too.

Then, she completed her ophthalmology residency at the USF Eye Institute and an oculofacial and reconstructive fellowship at the Duke Eye Center. She is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and The American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

“I want to be part of this community for a really long time,” Dr. Rosh says. “I want patients to grow with me for 30 years. I want to be easy to call and be available to the community.”

At her Oculofacial Surgery & Cosmetic Institute, which hosted its first Open House two days after the ribbon-cutting event, Dr. Rosh sees patients who want cosmetic services to improve the look of their eyes, faces, and skin.

“It’s aesthetics, but it’s also functional,” Dr. Rosh says. “I want to help people see better and feel better, too.”

Some patients receive insurance-based services, typically after being referred to Dr. Rosh by their primary care doctor or dermatologist. For example, some patients need surgery or treatment to restore the function of their eyes, for conditions such as droopy lids, eyelid malposition, thyroid eye disease, tear duct surgery or reconstruction after cancer surgery.

Others receive aesthetic treatments, such as lower lid surgery, laser skin resurfacing, ear lobe repairs, upper lip lifts, photofacials and laser peels.

Dr. Rosh says that even functional surgeries often result in patients not only being able to see better and feel better, but also have a nice aesthetic look when they are done.

“The functional and cosmetic sides blend together a lot,” says Dr. Rosh, “like if patients do upper lid surgery through their insurance but then decide they want lower lid and skin resurfacing, too.”

And, she says her cosmetic patients typically also want to look refreshed — or like a better version of themselves — but not change how they look.

“I love that, because our face is how we identify ourselves,” she says. 

Dr. Rosh believes that interest in cosmetic services has really increased because of the changes in how we interact with each other since the Covid pandemic.

(Dr. Rosh performs laser resurfacing on patient Melanie Aydt.

“With everything being virtual through Zoom and WebEx, people see themselves on a screen a lot more than before,” she says. “They come in earlier for treatments, and they don’t have the downtime that they used to.”

And, she says she’s happy to help those patients with a treatment plan that helps them recover as quickly as possible to resume normal life, and look a bit younger and refreshed, but still like themselves.

Available treatments include full-service, minimally-invasive procedures, such as photofacials, which require no downtime, and help to get rid of red and brown spots or patches on the skin, including helping patients with rosacea.

“If you only have a weekend to heal,” she says, “then we plan accordingly.”

When she does surgery, either in her office or at AdventHealth Wesley Chapel, she uses a carbon dioxide laser for incisions. She refers to it as her “magic wand” and says it makes very precise incisions, which helps minimize both bleeding and recovery time.

“I love surgery,” Dr. Rosh says. “This is such a unique field, because everyone’s anatomy is a little different, so recovery is different, and their story as to why they want to get it done is different. So I get to be creative.”

Treating Every Skin Type

Dr. Rosh also emphasizes that the lasers in her office are able to treat patients of all different skin tones and types.

“Our culture is becoming more of a melting pot and, usually, laser treatments can lead to more pigmentations,” she says, “but the lasers I have get great results on patients of all different skin types.”

Three experienced staff members help Dr. Rosh keep the practice running smoothly. Jennifer is the office manager, Kara is a technician and aesthetician, and Lisa handles the front desk and insurance.

Dr. Mary Mercer was one of Dr. Rosh’s first patients when Oculofacial Surgery & Cosmetic Institute opened in July.

Dr. Mercer says she knew Dr. Rosh from when the two were in residency training together.

“I was impressed with her fellowship training at Duke,” says Dr. Mercer. “When I heard she was returning, I was excited both personally and also for our community, to have such a well-trained doctor in the area.”

She says she was pleased with the entire experience, from the convenient location, to the helpful staff, and the procedure itself.

“It was a very professional environment, and I was happy that everyone is female,” says Dr. Mercer. “It’s very comfortable for female patients, very welcoming, and it’s great to support our fellow female professionals.”

Dr. Mercer says the service she received was excellent, the exam was efficient, and both Dr. Rosh’s expertise and the clinical results she has experienced have been impressive.

Speaking of impressive, at the office’s Open House on July 18, Dr. Rosh gave away a number of free services, including a Grand Prize of free Botox for a year to local resident Ravi Patel. 

Dr. Roshni Ranjit-Reeves’ Oculofacial Surgery & Cosmetic Institute is located in the same building as the Medi-Weightloss Center at 24420 S.R. 54 in Lutz. For appointments and more information, including information about the office’s Grand Opening specials, call (813) 303-0123 or visit DoctorRosh.com.

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