Dr. Brian Wilson can help adults with a wide range of emotional issues, from PTSD to Covid-19 fears and more, with his telehealth practice based in Tampa Palms. (Photos by Charmaine George)

There’s little doubt that, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the past two years have been especially tough to deal with for most of us.

For many people, whether or not to wear masks everywhere we go, whether or not to take a Covid-19 vaccine and not being able to go out to eat, to a movie, sporting event or concert has put more strain on us emotionally than perhaps any other situation in most of our lifetimes.

That’s where Brian Wilson, Ph.D., of Tampa Palms Psychology, comes in. Dr. Wilson (no relation to the co-founder of the Beach Boys rock group with the same name) says that although he doesn’t treat couples, adolescents or young children, he can help individual adults with a wide range of emotional problems — including depression, anxiety, work stress, aging, surviving abuse, dementia, compassion fatigue, insomnia, grief, relationship concerns and more — deal with their issues.

He also offers ongoing psychological treatment for people with chronic medical problems, including geriatric patients.

“These are challenging times,” he says, “so working with a skilled psychologist can help you navigate them with success. I am focused on helping you cope with the demands of the modern world through compassion, careful listening and comprehensive psychotherapy.”

Dr. Wilson graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Florida in Gainesville and earned both his Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees from the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. He also completed a psychology residency at the Minneapolis Veterans Administration Hospital, where he specialized in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as an adult generalist.

He has been practicing since 2003, and moved to Tampa in 2009 and to New Tampa in 2013. He says his private practice today is exclusively telehealth and, to that end, says that it was important to invest in good technology, with a nice computer and fast internet, even though he does also have a physical office location in Tampa Palms. He isn’t sure when he will begin seeing patients again in person, but says that transitioning to a telehealth-only practice hasn’t affected his ability to help his adult patients.

“The ripple effect of the Covid-19 pandemic is that everyone’s overall stress level is up,” Dr. Wilson says. “Even without Covid, however, many adults feel that there is often not enough time in the day to both accomplish our goals and care for ourselves. Responsibilities and commitments can be overwhelming. Raising children, pursuing career advancement, helping aging parents, retirement and coping with losses can leave us emotionally depleted. Such stressors and setbacks can feel even more difficult to manage with the state of affairs in the world.”

Because of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) rules, Dr. Wilson doesn’t offer online testimonials but he says he has had a lot of success treating veterans and others with PTSD, and says that many people’s fears and concerns about Covid-19 (especially for those who have lost loved ones or seen them hospitalized long-term, as well as medical professionals treating Covid patients) have caused many of the same issues.

“It helps to have a professional to talk to about these concerns,” he says. “A lot of my current patients have been referred to me by a friend or family member I’ve been able to help.”

And, while he says that word of mouth is still the best way to build a practice in his profession, he has had a lot of success with his ads in this publication, too. 

“Building a practice is very much a grassroots thing,” Dr. Wilson says. “But, I’ve found that the Neighborhood News is the best way to do that locally. My ads have generated a lot of calls.”

Dr. Wilson’s wife, Jessica, is a psychologist with the Department of Veterans Affairs and they have a six-year-old son who attends Chiles Elementary in Tampa Palms. And, even though he’s no Beach Boy, Wilson says that he enjoys not only playing, but also buying, selling and refurbishing guitars (“to fund my habit”) and working out.

For appointments with Dr. Brian Wilson and more info about Tampa Palms Psychology, call (813) 491-9343 or visit TampaPalmsPsychology.com

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