Mike Moore chats with Chris Sprowls, the Speaker of the House of the Florida House of Representatives, on a recent episode of “Reel Politics,” Moore’s new radio show/podcast.

There are two Mike Moores.

One is the Pasco County Commissioner representing District 2, which includes most of Wesley Chapel.

The other is a regular guy who has a media itch he needs to scratch, and is the new host of “Reel Politics” show and podcast on conservative radio station WGUL-AM 860 The Answer on Saturdays at 7 a.m..

“Two different guys,” says Moore, emphasizing that his radio show has nothing to do with his role as a county commissioner because that would be not allowed. “I have to keep them separate. If I have to vote on it, we won’t talk about it.”

So, if you’re looking to hear what Moore thinks about things like Wesley Chapel’s traffic, business development and the area’s massive growth, “Reel Politics” may not be for you.

If you enjoy conservative politics and learning about conservative politicians, however, it might be worth your time.

Moore’s first show (they are pre-recorded) focused on his guest — District 38 State Representative Randy Maggard — and mostly on why Rep. Maggard got into politics and some of the bills he has worked on and sponsored. On the second show, guest Chris Sprowls, the Speaker of the House of the Florida House of Representatives, and Moore discussed school choice legislation, the HB 1 protest bill, taxes and other Republican issues.

“We’ll discuss national things — infrastructure, how to do things better, things like that,” Moore says of the one-hour show. “We’ll get some pundits and some celebrities on there talking about politics, but it won’t be people going at each other’s throats.”

Moore, a former radio/TV major at the University of Central Florida, isn’t just dabbling in radio. The precursor to “Reel Politics” was a television version by the same name, where he took his guests out on a boat and had the same kind of discussions. Three episodes were filmed before Covid-19 hit.

Moore also has the Freedom Broadcasting Network, which is available on Roku and other streaming devices, which carries conservative shows like “Diamond and Silk,” as well as some fishing shows.

Moore laughs when it’s suggested that he could someday become a media mogul, and adds that he has no plans to get out of politics.

“I’m just getting back to my roots,” he says. For more information or to listen to past shows visit TheAnswer.com/radioshow/9757.

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