The team at Esthetics 813 (l.-r.) includes Crystal Santos, Kurt Wickiser, Hannah Mazzilli, owner Kyymara Rose Scott, Tyra Richardson and Anna Mazzei. (Photo: Charmaine George)

Kyymara Rose Scott has owned Esthetics813 for seven years and, in that time, she says she has lost count of the number of clients who have entered looking or feeling frazzled who left with a little slice of peace and happiness.

Providing that transformation is exactly why Kyymara started Esthetics813, which is located at the northwest corner of Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd. and County Line Rd., in front of the Super Target (a few doors down from Anytime Fitness).

Kyymara says she knows all about feeling frazzled, and the need to undo that feeling. When she was in her early thirties, life threw everything it had at her. First was a divorce, followed by a job selling insurance that she hated, followed by a cancer diagnosis.

“It was the most horrible, painful experience of my life,” she says.

In between cancer treatments, when Kyymara needed some zen, she visited a spa for soft massages — her body was too run down from cancer treatments to tolerate a traditional massage — and facials. They helped her relax and escape, if even for only a few minutes.

One day, while waiting in the lobby for her appointment, she couldn’t help but stare at the woman working there, and her big smile.

“I asked her, ‘Are you always this happy, or is this just for us?,’” Kyymara recalled. “And she told me, ‘I work at a spa, everybody is happy to come here. Why wouldn’t I be happy?’”

It was that moment that Kyymara says set her on a path that led her to open Esthetics 813, where she runs a spa that relishes wellness, renewal of your spirit and satisfying happy clients by offering a plethora of comforting and revitalizing services.

Although she had attended the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, NY, for advertising when she was younger, Kyymara reversed course and returned to the Dominican Republic, where she spent much of her youth,  and attended a skin care institute for 18 months. 

She then returned to the U.S. and studied Esthiology for a year at the Aveda Institute in Clearwater before opening the original Esthetics813 in the Windfair Professional Center behind Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in 2013.

As her business grew, so did the need for a larger space. In 2019, Esthetics813 moved in front of the SuperTarget.

She says that unlike other “closed cabin” type designs, Esthetics813 is loft-style, like you might find in Europe, California or even the Dominican Republic, where Kyymara used to wash hair as a teenager at a spa so she could afford to get her own hair done every Saturday.

Because a different location fell through, Kyymara says the current spa was built with “blood, sweat and tears in the 11th hour.” She says she couldn’t have done it without husband Kurt “The Duke” Wickiser.

Lourdes Alers has been coming to Esthetics813 since the original spa opened in the Windfair Professional Center. With her husband working and her kids at a friend’s house, Lourdes decided to pop in at an Open House.

“I was going to get a free swag bag and then take off, but I ended up being the first one there and the last one to leave,” she says. “I booked a facial and I haven’t looked back since. (Kyymara) works her magic and I trust her completely.”

Esthetics813, however, offers more than just facials. It offers body sculpting and wraps, microneedling, waxing and tanning, various light treatments and a variety of spa packages.

Kyymara strongly believes that visiting a spa shouldn’t only be a birthday present or an occasional treat for you; it should be a regular part of your wellness and self care. And in fact, she says the majority of her clients come in once or twice a week.

Clients are provided a robe and a glass of water or wine, and all of their personal items — especially their cell phones — are put away in a locker. The spa’s staff — Anna Mazzei, Tyra Richardson, Crystal Santos and Hanna Mazzilli — make it a personal experience by remembering what you like, right down to your drink preference. 

The most popular treatments are often seasonal and, for this time of year, “everything that has to do with stripping away the old and rejuvenations are very popular,” Kyymara says. “That includes chemical peels, micro-needling and miraculously, and to my delight, body treatments.”

The Art Of Body Sculpting

Body sculpting is the most requested spa treatment, which Kyymara thinks may be a byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic, which trapped people inside and led to many of us putting on a few extra pounds.

Body sculpting (see after-and-before photos on the next page) involves eliminating cellulite and localized fat through muscle therapy and non-invasive ultrasonic cavitation, which uses vibrations to break down fat cells, which can then be expelled via lymphatic massages.

Other popular body treatments are waxing and tanning.

“These were all very popular in the Dominican Republic,” Kyymara says. “I tried to get people to like it here but couldn’t at first. But now I’m like, ‘Yes!’”

Esthetics813 also has two nurse practitioners on staff to administer Botox and other fillers, which remain go-to treatments for many.

Another offering at Esthetics813 is Red Light Therapy (RLT; see photo above), which Kyymara says was created by NASA “so it’s actually rocket science!”

Kyymara says RLT helps cells bind themselves together again, which helps skin and muscle tissue re-tighten, helping to reduce wrinkles, cellulite and sagging.

Blue Light Treatment (BLT) oxygenates your skin, helping with acne, and Green Light Treatment (GLT) helps reduce inflammation, Kyymara says.

Kyymara thinks there are many things that differentiate her spa from others, and one she is most pleased about is that facials at Esthetics813 are oxygen-centric, as opposed to merely products with oxygen in them.

“We use actual oxygen,” she says. “It’s antibacterial and we infuse it, so it penetrates the skin. It fills, plumps and gives you a nice glow. It’s a more advanced facial.”

Kyymara says Esthetics813 uses top-of-the-line effective products like HydroPeptide, PCA SKIN and FUSION.

Always looking to offer the latest and the greatest, Kyymara says her spa will soon be offering a Blow Out Bar, to liven up your hair-do, which is expected to open by Nov. 1.

There are even treatments for men, including facials and upper and lower body waxing.

“We even have man-sized slippers and robes, so you can be comfortable and not feel like you are tip-toeing around in a woman’s space,” Kyymara says. 

Kurt jokes that while men may be hesitant to try the spa, “Once you try it you won’t want to leave.”

Each service can be purchased individually, and Esthetics813 also offers VIP memberships. Groups and parties also are welcome.

Because the community has been so good to her, Kyymara does what she can to be good to it, too. She is an Ambassador for the North Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Wesley Chapel Rotary Club and recently organized a fashion show that raised $1,600 for Bridging Freedom, a child and human trafficking rescue organization. She has even run a diaper drive for the Oasis Pregnancy Care Center. 

Esthetics813 is located at 1051 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Its hours by appointment are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m., and 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Saturday. For more information, call (813) 474-4486 or visit

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