Cole (left) and K.T. Topash of Topash Painting are part of three generations of Topash men who have been painting homes in Wesley Chapel and New Tampa dating all the way back to 1978. (Photos: Charmaine George)

When K.T. Topash of Topash Painting is out working on a job with his son, Cole, it reminds him of when he was younger, painting the exteriors and interiors of local homes and businesses alongside his dad, Paul, before K.T. bought the company from Paul in 2009.

Cole became part owner when he turned 18 and, over the past few years, has grown into a partner his dad trusts to carry on the family name with the same commitment to excellence and customer service that he and his dad built a generation ago.

That’s three generations of Topash men who have been painting homes in Wesley Chapel and the surrounding areas since Paul started the company in 1978.

So much has changed since then, but K.T. and Cole still hold on to the values that have helped them build a business with a stellar reputation and customers who have been loyal to them for many years. 

First and foremost, K.T. and Cole always do the work themselves. When you hire Topash Painting, you know exactly who will be painting your home, and it’s never going to be a subcontractor. 

Typically, both father and son will be on the job site together. But, even if they bring on another employee to help the business, either K.T. or Cole will always be on site with them, and you can be sure their helper will be someone who is trustworthy, reliable, safe and will do the job with excellence.

“So many times in this industry, the customer hires a company, but the company subs it out to someone who has no responsibility,” says K.T. “That’s not who we want to be.”

That’s why Jason Christiano says he continues to hire Topash Painting for all of his painting needs at both his home in Grand Hampton in New Tampa and for his business in Wesley Chapel.

“The work is very high quality and the pricing is fair,” says Jason. “What’s most important to me is who you’re hiring. It’s just K.T. and his son, so I don’t have to worry about my daughters or be concerned with day laborers or background checks.”

Jason was first introduced to Topash Painting close to 10 years ago when he saw the trailer in his neighborhood. He says K.T. painted his house then, and has been his go-to painter ever since. 

Despite rising costs, K.T. says Topash Painting will not skimp on its always-high-quality paints just to save a buck. 

Topash Painting has painted Jason’s home and office, both inside and out. In fact, Jason hired him to paint the exterior of his house again, even though K.T. told him his previous paint job was still holding up and he didn’t need to do it.

“I like to be proactive, so I told him I wanted to get it done,” says Jason.

Jason also says that he has always found Topash Painting’s pricing to be appropriate for the market. “He’s not high, he’s not low,” Jason says. “He’s fair.”

K.T. says that he always tries to give the best possible prices and that he has absorbed many of the cost increases that have happened over the years. However, right now, the cost of materials is extremely high.

“Our paint and materials costs have gone through the roof,” K.T. says, “and we’ve seen at least a 45% increase over the last 18 months or so.”

He says that he keeps costs down as much as possible, but won’t skimp on the quality of the products he puts on (or in) your home.

“A lot of customers don’t know that there’s good, bad, and ugly in the painting product world,” he says. “Even Sherwin Williams offers so many lines of paint, from new construction paint that is cheap and won’t last long, to paint that currently costs $100 a gallon.”

K.T. says his experience means he knows exactly how to purchase the right products and do the work in a way that will allow you to enjoy your paint job for many years to come.

“We use a lifetime warranty paint,” K.T. explains. “If the painter does the prep work right, you’ll never have to worry about the warranty. It’s definitely not enough to just slap some paint on a wall.”

It’s always been hard for professional, high-quality painters such as Topash Painting to distinguish themselves from the guys who just want to get paint on the wall and collect their payment. 

Topash Painting has always distinguished itself by being licensed, insured and bonded, so K.T. and his wife Hollie, who handles the bookkeeping for the business, were shocked when they learned that the state of Florida no longer offers painting licenses. In the past, K.T. had to take a test and pay a fee to be licensed, but now there is no licensing available. That means it’s even harder nowadays to distinguish the true pros from the non-pros. 

Topash Painting continues to carry liability insurance to protect its customers.

“As a consumer, you have to ask those questions,” K.T. says. “Most people’s biggest asset is their home, and it’s in your best interest to protect it.”

So, while they feel like doing away with licensing just makes it more difficult for consumers to find the best professionals for the job, K.T. and Cole are committed to continuing their family tradition of providing quality paint jobs at the best possible prices for homes and businesses, year after year.

“It’s more important than ever to do your due diligence,” K.T. says. “Check references and be sure the painters are using the materials they say they are. You don’t want to hire some weekend warrior who is just trying to make a buck.”

K.T. says he loves working with Cole, who makes him very proud.

“He is a huge asset to me,” says K.T. “And, it’s a lot of fun.”

K.T. says Cole knows everything about the business and represents Topash Painting well.

“Sometimes better than I do,” K.T. says. “You find out truly who your kid is when you’re working with him. When I see Cole talking with a customer and handling himself the way an adult does, it’s very rewarding.”

For estimates or appointments, call Topash Painting at (813) 780-2511 or e-mail For more info, search for “Topash Painting” on Facebook.

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