Personal assistance

If you would like to be contacted by a member of our advertising department, please fill out our form. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide a quote.

Distribution area

Our two four-color print products are direct-mailed to more than 45,000 homes monthly in New Tampa and portions of Wesley Chapel. In Wesley Chapel, we mail our print product to households in the following Zip Codes: 33543, 33544 and 33545.

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Featured business stories for advertisers

We write full-length feature stories about our advertisers that run in print and on our website.

Custom business story examples (get an idea of what you can expect from our writers):
1. Family Wellness Center
2. Cypress Point Community Church
3. Prudential Tropical Realty

Your business name and story on our website

Each one of our business feature articles has its own Web page on our website so you can link directly to the content and refer clients. Note how this benefit works with the three example stories listed in the section above: Featured business stories for our advertisers.

Our website is also professionally designed and optimized for search engines. We place a high priority in giving your business and story maximum exposure in popular online search tools such as: Google, Bing, AOL and Yahoo.

Placement options for you in our print products

We have nine print solutions to suit your business needs ranging from classified advertisements to full-page displays. We provide full design services. If you have your own art department, we accept advertising files in the following professional file formats: EPS, PSD, PDF or AI.

Click an option listed below to visualize the print advertising space. Each file is in the Adobe Acrobat Reader format. If you need a free copy of this wonderful industry standard file reader for your computer, you can get it here.

Deadline Calendars

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Political Campaigns

If you are running for a political office that the residents of Zip Codes 33647, 33543, 33544 and 33545 are eligible to vote for, and you want to get your name and face in front of more of the best-educated, most-affluent voters in Hillsborough County, the best place to spend your campaign funds is in the August, September and October issues of New Tampa and Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News.

Even if you are already doing your own direct mail piece to residents of New Tampa or Wesley Chapel, the Neighborhood News is the only publication directly mailed to 24,300 homes, apartments and businesses in Zip Code 33647.

It is also is the best read and most trusted source of news and information for the residents of New Tampa. Likewise, if you are trying to saturate the Wesley Chapel area with your message, our Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News publication is the only local magazine or news source directly mailed to 16,000 homes, apartments and businesses in Zip Codes 33543, 33544 and 33545.

Since 1993, our publications are what the New Tampa and Wesley Chapel communities have turned to first for political and other news.

The cost of a 1/4-page, 1/2-page or even a full-page political ad in the New Tampa Neighborhood News or Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News will cost significantly less than direct mailing your own individual political post card or flyer. According to direct mail company statistics, 90-95 percent of the people who receive post cards or flyers throw in them immediately in the trash without ever reading a word.

To get your political ad read in a trusted local news print publication, please contact our General Manager, Nikki Bennett via telephone at: (813) 910-2575 or via e-mail at: and ask her about our deeply discounted political advertising rates.