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Your Last-Minute Guide To The November 8 Midterm Election!

Considering the contentious state of politics in our state and country these days, it’s clear that one of the most important midterm General Elections in recent memory will be held
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Two Friends Give Their Viewpoints On The Passing Of Queen Elizabeth II

Although I only know what I’ve read about Queen Elizabeth II, who of course, passed away at the age of 96 the week we went to press with this issue,
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Responding To Those Who Criticized My July 26 Editorial

I received about four or five emails and/or phone calls to our office about my recent editorial, which ran in both the July 26 New Tampa and Aug 9 Wesley
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My Father’s Day Weekend Was Definitely A Dream Come True!

Twenty years after having both of my knees arthroscoped, and after too many years of trying to deal with being bone-on-bone in both knees (and walking with an obvious limp),
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Hopefully, The Doubters Will Continue To Give The KRATEs A Chance

Even before social media became a big thing, I had received criticism about my dining reviews not being “real” or that they are “pay for play” only. The fact is
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