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Celebrating More Than 25 Years Of Covering The New Tampa Regional Library!

As indicated on page 8 of our current issue (in a story that will be be posted tomorrow), the New Tampa Regional Library (NTRL) on Cross Creek Blvd. is celebrating its
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Community Comes Together To Celebrate The Too-Short Life Of Andres Chateau

As a father and now a grandfather, I can’t imagine anything harder for any parent to deal with than their child passing away. But sadly, more than 20,000 children die
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A Former (Mediocre) Male Swimmer’s Take On The Transgendered Swimmer

When I saw on the news and the uproar on Facebook that transgendered swimmer Lia Thomas had won the NCAA Women’s 500-yard championship, beating out Sarasota native Emma Weyant by
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Editorial: Shaking My Head Over Ukraine, Curtis Reeves & The Loss Of A Friend

The events of the past few weeks have really left me shaking my head. While I still was able to enjoy the Winter Olympics, the political overtones and the disgrace
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Why I’m Glad I Took The Covid Vaccine — A Non-Political View

Before I get into my own whys and wherefores, I just want to say that even though I disagree with those who refuse to get vaccinated against Covid-19, I still
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