By Matt Wiley

Smiles go miles, as the saying goes. So, when taking care of your smile, it’s important to choose a dentist who wants to make your entire family smile.

Dr. Vijay Patel of Pebble Creek Family Dentistry in the Chase Bank building on Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
Dr. Vijay Patel of Pebble Creek Family Dentistry in the Chase Bank building on Bruce B. Downs Blvd.

Consider Pebble Creek Family Dentistry (PCFD)’s Dr. Vijay Patel, DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery), a highly trained dentist whose practice (which has been in business in the New Tampa area since November 2010) focuses on taking care of entire families, from children ages 6 and older to the elderly.

PCFD provides general dental procedures, including routine cleanings, dental exams and X-rays, composite fillings, root canals and extractions, as well as cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as porcelain crowns, tooth whitening, bridges, veneers and bonding.

Dr. Patel, an Arbor Greene resident, is a family man with two kids, 4 and 7, so it just makes sense that he wants to provide dental care for your whole family.

A University of South Florida (USF) alumnus ofr his undergraduate studies, Dr. Patel says he used to drive through New Tampa on his way to classes at the Tampa campus from Dade City every morning. He says that he always knew the area between Dade City and USF (Wesley Chapel and New Tampa) was ripe for future development. For that reason, after earning his DDS degree from Howard University in Washington, D.C., he decided to set up shop in what is now the Chase Bank building at the intersection of Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd. and Regents Square Dr., in Pebble Creek (across from McDonald’s).

“I’ve always loved this area,” Dr. Patel explains. “It has a very young population, which is exactly the kind of area I was looking to start a practice when I got out of dental school. My patients are very caring, loyal and faithful.”

For the weary or bored patient, PCFD’s waiting room alone is enough to ease the senses, from its friendly front office staff members who welcome patients as they walk through the door, to its serene décor and comfortable leather couches, surrounding a flat-screen TV that can be tuned to your requests.

Patients at Pebble Creek Family Dentistry enjoy relaxing massage chairs and flat-screen TVs during their visit with Dr. Patel.
Patients at Pebble Creek Family Dentistry enjoy relaxing massage chairs and flat-screen TVs during their visit with Dr. Patel.

“From the moment you walk into Dr. Patel’s office, you feel comfortable and at ease,” says happy PCFD patient Ramonita Ortiz. “Dr. Patel takes the time to actually have a conversation with you. When I had work done, (he) even called me the next day to ensure that I was okay.”

The dental exam room can be another stressful place for patients who aren’t keen on seeing a dentist, but everyone loves a massage, right? Each exam room in PCFD is equipped with a reclining massage chair facing ceiling-mounted flat-screen TVs for patients to relax in as they undergo their cleaning, or any other procedure that may have brought them into the office.

When Dr. Patel visits with you as a patient, he makes sure that you understand what he is explaining. Instead of simply muttering medical terminology, he will even bring out a cross-section diagram of a tooth to show patients which part of their tooth may be experiencing pain and show them why, before giving them options about how to treat the problem.

“We are all about dental care and we’re compassionate,” he explains. “This is not a high-volume-based practice where you’re treated like a number. We do anything and everything that is possible to take care of the patient and to make sure that they are comfortable.”

In fact, it’s attention to patient care that kept Dr. Patel out of a hospital environment when he was figuring out in which direction he wanted to take his dental career.

“I did some volunteer work in a hospital and at a dental office,” Dr. Patel says. “I was much more impressed with the dental office and the relationships that could be developed there. It was more patient-based and I saw that you actually have the opportunity to build relationships. And, many of those patients stay with you forever. With doctors, many times you only see them for emergencies.”

Speaking of emergencies, even if you are not a patient, if you have a dental emergency, Dr. Patel can see you.

“We happily accept walk-ins, and those patients usually are seen that same day,” Dr. Patel explains. “We try to slide (walk-in patients) into the nearest available timeslot, so that I’ll be able to see them as fast as possible. I’ll even see them on my lunch hours, if necessary.”

His attention to patient care has not gone unnoticed. Dr. Patel has patients who live as close as Wesley Chapel and Land O’ Lakes, and others who live as far away as Miami.

“This couple was in town visiting their son and came in to see me,” Dr. Patel says. “Now, every six months, they still drive up in their RV to see me for their checkups.”

Although PCFD currently only specializes in general family dental procedures and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Patel says that he is excited to be adding implant dentistry at the office, possibly as soon as sometime next year. Dental implant surgery involves literally implanting a root for an artificial tooth into the jawbone to anchor it and replace a missing tooth.

But, for now, if you and your family are looking for a new dentist that not only will leave you with a clean smile, but also leave you smiling, stop in and see Dr. Patel at Pebble Creek Family Dentistry.

“You won’t regret coming here,” Dr. Patel says. And, from looking at all of the positive testimonials on his website, it’s obvious that his patients agree.

Pebble Creek Family Dentistry, located at 19007 BBD, accepts all PPO (preferred provider option) insurances and is open Monday-Thursday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. For more information, visit or call 406-4947.


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