By Gary Nager

Alexandra Auguste was born in Haiti but she has been in the U.S. for more than four decades, including more than 30 years in Long Island, NY. More important than where she’s been however, is where she is now…behind the counter at The Baker’s Gallery in the Pebble Creek Collection on Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd., creating unique cakes, cupcakes, butter rolls and even delicious “pate” pastries from her native country, stuffed with meat, chicken and even codfish — all at great prices!

A Wilton-certified baker for more than 20 years, Alexandra and her family — including her cousin Philippe, her son Reginald, her “adopted” son Antonio and her sister Gene (named after the actress Gene Tierney) — bring smiles, knowledge and a lot more experience creating unique wedding and other special occasion cakes than just the one year the store has been open here.

“We’ve already created everything from a Monster Truck cake with fondant-covered Rice Krispie treat wheels to cakes topped with a fully edible lady’s shoe and even edible flowers,” Alexandra says. “And really, if you can imagine it, we can probably create it for you. Check our website for a full gallery of our cakes.”

I have to say that I like The Baker’s Gallery’s cakes that are a series of cupcakes standing side-by-side that form a full-sized, custom-designed cakes. Part of the reason is because I love Alexandra’s cupcakes — which are now available in 28 flavors, with new ones being added to the list seemingly every month.

If you like chocolate (like I do), The Baker’s Gallery crew has chocolate “delite,” chocolate espresso, Oreo cookie, German chocolate and chocolate-vanilla swirl. You like fruit flavors? The newest addition is pumpkin spice, but Key lime, lemon raspberry, orange apricot, “strawberry-filled strawberry” and about nine other real fruit cupcake options are almost always available in both regular sizes (for just $2.50) and “mini” (a true bargain at $1).

And, the funny thing is that Alexandra says she had no intention beforehand of even having cupcakes in the store, but “our customers wanted samples of the different cake flavors we have and ‘gourmet cupcakes’ are really popular these days, so we decided to give gourmet cupcakes at reasonable prices a shot.”

I remember that the first week the store was open, The Baker’s Gallery already was up to about six cupcake flavors. Visiting there too often is dangerous diet-wise for a cupcake lover like me, so one or two (never more, lol) mini-Bavarian cream crunch and Confetti cupcakes are a necessity with a cup of The Baker’s Gallery’s yummy by-the-cup coffee.

I’m also already addicted to the flaky pate pastries, of which Alexandra says the store sells “hundreds a week” and hope to try the butter rolls soon.

But, one thing I probably won’t need much of anytime in the near future are the incredible array of cookie cutters, rolling pins and other baking supplies, but only because I refuse to take up baking for fear of ending up looking like a certain boy made out of dough. If you have the baking “gene” or even a desire to learn, The Baker’s Gallery really is for you. Alexandra says baking classes are coming soon and she’s already doing “design your own cookie/cupcake” parties for kids’ birthdays and school groups.

Just go check it out and tell Alexandra and her family that I sent you!

To order an amazing custom cake for your holiday party or any special occasion, or for more info, call The Baker’s Gallery (19651 BBD) at 973-9966 or visit

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