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Massage is a universal language that has been “spoken” for centuries in every region of the globe, and it has many benefits, including the ability to reduce anxiety, relieve pain, reduce blood pressure and aid in relaxation. For many people, massage is a rare treat that they look forward to at the spa or as an experience during their vacation. Others use massage on a regular basis to help them deal with chronic pain, reduce inflammation or to help heal after an injury. Whatever your reason for wanting a massage, Barkdoll Massage Therapy makes it easy, affordable and, best of all, Barkdoll comes to you.

Barkdoll Massage Therapy, which is an entirely mobile-based massage business, is based in the Trinity area of nearby New Port Richey and is owned and operated by Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) Karla Barkdoll, who has been in the massage industry since 2001. Also serving Wesley Chapel, New Tampa and the surrounding communities, Barkdoll is completely differet in that it takes all of the stress out of your massage experience by bringing it straight to you. No traffic, no stress, just pure relaxation where you feel the most comfortable!

Originally from a small town in central Pennsylvania, Karla moved to Baltimore, MD, where she trained at the Baltimore School of Massage. Licensed in Maryland, the District of Columbia, Virginia and Florida, Karla is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is National Board-certified.

Karla’s massages can be done anywhere — at your home, poolside or even at your office. She says that most of her clients choose the room in their house that offers the least distractions. She takes the time to really speak to her clients before their massage to learn more about them so that she can create a truly personalized massage experience.

“If you are looking for the best massage, then look no further than Karla, she is a rare find,” says Lindsey, who lives in New Port Richey.


How Licensed Massage Can Improve Your Life

“Your Health is Your Wealth” is the philosophy at Barkdoll, and that is why Karla takes the time to really find out which type of massage her clients prefer, whether it’s a Swedish massage or a deep tissue treatment for chronic pain, Karla’s massage will make a difference in your life.

She offers a wide range of affordable licensed massage therapy services and packages. If you are looking for a traditional massage, Swedish massage treatments are designed to improve circulation, reduce stress and to relieve muscle tension. This massage is very popular all over the world because of its light, long and slow strokes that relax your cares and worries away. If you’re interested in trying something a little different, hot stone massages also are available and feature heated stones in combination with the traditional Swedish-style massage. Karla says that the stones dissolve muscle tension and induce a deep relaxation.

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic treatment designed to ease chronic pain. “During deep tissue massages, I use trigger points to specifically find the places where the work needs to be done,” she says.

Another service Karla offers is sports massage and injury rehabilitation, which combines the benefits and style of a deep tissue massage with stretching, which can improve the range of motion in your joints. Whether you’re healing after a car accident or are suffering from chronic pain associated with a medical condition, sports massage can be very beneficial.

Prenatal massages are a fantastic way to pamper the mom-to-be while easing some of the side effects of pregnancy. Karla uses specially designed massage table pillows so expectant mothers can safely enjoy their massage.

Aromatherapy is proven to aid in relaxation, which is why Karla offers a variety of essential oils and scents that can be used in collaboration with any other style of massage, and can greatly enhance the experience.

If you’re looking for a way to improve morale at work, how about offering employees a corporate seated massage? This is a fully clothed, seated massage that focuses on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms and hands, and can be done right at the office.


My Massage With Karla

Barkdoll Massage Therapy is happy to offer evening massage appointments, which made it easy for me to fit a massage with Karla into my schedule without worrying about driving or setting up a babysitter. Karla arrived right on time and brought everything she needed with her. She even wears a clinical massage uniform.

I simply picked out a quiet room in the house, and, within a few minutes, Karla had the massage table up and ready to go. Before we started, she spoke to me about the kind of massage treatment I wanted, and if I had any injuries that she should know about. We decided on a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage. She also offered me several aromatherapy options. I felt totally at ease.

Karla put on what I like to call “massage music,” and spoke to me about what she was going to do before she began. To my surprise, I was even more relaxed because I was at home. I was able to enjoy the entire hour instead of wondering how many minutes had passed or about my kids. I felt safe, pampered and well cared for by a licensed health care professional.

After my massage, I felt like a softened stick of butter, and I was able to put on my slippers instead of my shoes! This was an incredibly cool experience that made me feel more centered, and really changed my outlook. I felt great for days and my entire family could see what a difference it made for me both physically and emotionally.

I can assure you that a massage with Karla makes a great gift, which is why I’m so happy that she offers gift certificates. But, one of the best things about Barkdoll Massage Therapy is its affordability. I might not have to wait for a special occasion because Karla’s pricing is competitive and affordable enough to fit into anyone’s budget on a regular basis.

Barkdoll Massage Therapy is entirely mobile and will make appointments to come to your home or office. Karla Barkdoll (License # MA47546) is available Monday-Wednesday, 9 a.m.-9 p.m. All other days are at her discretion. To schedule an appointment or request more information about massage packages, corporate events or gift certificates, call (727) 372-6389 or email Karla at BarkdollMassageTherapy@

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