The seven-barber team at Elements of Stylez Barber Shop in the Freedom Plaza on S.R. 54 is led by Briannah (“Bri”) Talley (Below, right) and her partner Daniel (Danny”) Quintana (Below, Left). (Photos by Charmaine George) 

Getting your hair cut, trimmed, faded, or styled can be fun and relaxing, or even a little nerve-wracking, as you wait to see your new look. One thing it usually is not is a family experience. Wouldn’t it be nice for men, women, young children and teens to all be able to go to one place for great haircuts and styles? Well look no further — Elements of Stylez Barber Shop, in the Freedom Plaza on S.R. 54, is just that place. 

Elements of Stylez (EOS) is a one-stop barber shop with modern music and décor and an upbeat atmosphere that is welcoming to all. The barbers at EOS are ready to cut and style men’s and women’s hair of all hair types and lengths. They also are naturals at keeping young children calm and still, so they can get that perfect first haircut starting at age 1, or get that stylish fade or blowout just right for teens before prom. 

Daniel Quintana and Briannah Talley, also known as “Danny and Bri,” are the couple and business partners behind EOS, combining their hair and cosmetology experience to open the business together in 2018. 

Danny has been working with hair for 35 years, first for about 17 years in the Bronx, NY, before moving to Florida and continuing his career here. 

He says that becoming a barber was something that basically fell into his lap. He was thinking of starting a new career path when he went to get his usual haircut. He got to talking to his barber and realized his hobby of cutting hair for friends and family could actually be a sustainable career. 

“After that haircut, I bought a pair of nice clippers and just never looked back,” Danny says. 

Teaching himself, as well as training with barbers and beauticians over the years, Danny discovered a passion for hair cutting and now can’t see himself doing anything else. 

“I have no regrets. If I had to do it all over again, I’d still choose to be a barber,” says Danny. “Even in my next life, I’ll be a barber. This career has given me opportunities and joy that I would never trade for anything else.” 

While living in New Tampa and working at a local barber shop, Danny met his girlfriend Bri at a local Supercuts 8 years ago. Bri, who hails from Detroit, is formidable with hair herself — or, as she puts it — “a beast with the clippers.” Deciding to work together — and work for themselves — they opened EOS together as co-owners and moved to Wesley Chapel, where most of their team lives, too. 

“We’re three female and four male barbers altogether, and five of us live in Wesley Chapel,” Danny says. “We love our Wesley Chapel community and watching it grow. We are grateful to all of our customers, near and far, who’ve helped us grow, too.” 

Booking With Booksy 

In addition to Danny and Bri, the talented team at EOS includes Mo, Yissi (pronounced “GC”), Isaac, Beatriz and Victor. In addition to haircuts for all ages, the barbers at EOS also offer fades, buzz cuts, shape-ups, cuts with designs and layer cuts, as well as braids, twists, and “locs” (aka dreadlocks). They also offer relaxing hot towel shaves and beard trims, shampoo and deep conditioning treatments, and hot tool styling for short or long hair. 

Be sure to check out almost all of the EOS barbers on Booksy, a website that lets you book appointments for barbers, hairstylists, nail salon artists, licensed massage therapists and more. Here, you can see the EOS barbers’ services in detail — with prices, estimated time needed for your service, pictures and reviews of their work. 

For example, Booksy says that Victor can hook you up with an after-hours appointment if you need it, and also offers fades, beard colors and eyebrow shaping with a razor. Isaac’s reviews make it clear that he’s great with both kids and adults. Mo is your man if you need steady hands for clean hairlines and designs. Yissi does hair for males and females of all ages but is known for women’s blowouts and “updos,” as well as eyebrow and lip waxes, locs styling, curly cuts, deep conditioning treatments, beard trims and shape-ups. 

Beatriz is the only barber at EOS without a Booksy account, but many residents of Wesley Chapel already are familiar with her work. Beatriz was the owner of Cuts & More, the previous salon at this same location, before selling it to Danny and Bri, and she continues to cut and style hair for her many long-time (and new) clients at EOS. 

Danny and Bri have a shared Booksy account and they both cut and style hair for kids, teens, men and women. In addition to many of the services already discussed, Bri and Danny also offer men’s scissor cuts, bald head cuts or trims with clippers or razor, fades and hot tool styling. They are both great with kids, especially cutting fades and intricate designs like hearts, stars, diamonds, and even the University of South Florida (USF) Bulls logo. 

Bri can do just about any hair service for women, from layer cuts to hot tool styling to natural cuts and keratin treatments. 

An example of SMP. (Above photo from Danny Quintana)

Danny is the resident scalp micropigmentation (SMP) expert at EOS. SMP is a specialized hair tattoo (see photo on next page) that gives the appearance of growing hair. He says that SMP is a great option to manage hair loss and receding hairlines and can last for 3-5 years. 

Danny has a unique experience with SMP as someone who has used it himself and now does it for others. He uses tattoo ink, instead of tattoo pigment, for longer-lasting results and stresses that it is important to go to an SMP artist who is really comfortable and skilled at the process. 

“There are many who can do SMP, but not many who can do it right,” shares Danny. “It is a tattoo that involves thousands of shallow applications to mimic hair follicles. Unfortunately, I have seen it done wrong, where the end result really does not look good, not like hair at all, so picking the right person is essential.” 

No matter what your reason is for visiting EOS, all of their barbers will leave with your hair looking good. 

Tani Mitchell is a regular customer of Danny’s and EOS. 

“I’m originally a transplant from Pennsylvania, so when I first came down here, it took a few haircuts from a few different people before I got referred to Danny,” says Tani. “But, once I started working with Danny, I was set. I’ve actually being getting haircuts with Danny for 8 years, so when he and Bri opened the shop, I followed him there.” 

There’s no other barbershop Tani would prefer for himself or even his kids. 

“When I go to EOS, I get the full service — beard, haircut, hot towel and shave,” Tani says. “My son got his first haircut there when he was 2-1/2 years old. I love everyone in the shop. Bri has done my daughters’ braids before sports season. She’s also cut my hair and my son’s hair. Beatriz has also done blowouts for my daughter. They cater to everybody. Great shop, great family environment.” 

Elements of Stylez Barber Shop is located at 30040 S.R. 54. The shop is open Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-7:30 p.m., and 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m., on Sat. (closed on Sun.). For appointments, call (813) 575-8416. Also visit @Elements_of_Stylez on Instagram to see pictures of the creative cuts, designs, and styles created by Danny and the rest of the EOS team of barbers. 

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