Residents of the Camden Live Oaks apartment complex in Tampa Palms can finally put a face with the fear that many residents have felt in recent months, as an arrest has been made in connection with a string of numerous burglaries that has terrorized the rental community.

The Tampa Police Department (TPD) arrested 22-year-old Damion Gilpin and a juvenile on March 3 in connection with several burglaries in Camden Live Oaks.

“When we arrested those suspects, it cleared some of those burglaries,” says Janelle McGregor, public information officer for TPD.

The suspects were apprehended after breaking into a residence through the unit’s screened lanai and stealing $3,000 in cash and property. The suspects also were in possession of other stolen property from three other unreported burglaries in the complex. All of the recovered stolen property has since been returned to its rightful owners.

According to the TPD, Gilpin has been charged with four counts of grand theft burglary of property valued between $300-$5,000, as well as two counts of burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and two counts of burglary of an unoccupied conveyance. Gilpin was previously arrested on domestic violence charges in 2007.

McGregor says that TPD is still investigating to see if the accused burglars are involved with the previous incidents in the area. If so, they could face additional charges. TPD reports that there have been at least six burglaries in the complex since December 24, 2011, prior to Gilpin’s arrest.

“We’re still patrolling the area to make sure that if there is a break-in, we’ll be there,” says McGregor.

TPD says that Rapid Offender Control (ROC) officers have been constantly patrolling the area since the burglaries began. TPD would like to remind residents to take the necessary precautions to help prevent burglaries, such as making sure their home and car doors are locked and that all valuables are well out of plain sight.

Residents always are urged to call TPD if they see or hear any suspicious behavior in their neighborhoods.


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