By Matt Wiley

Hunter’s Green residents can expect to see some traffic changes in the coming months, as construction begins on the community’s new gatehouse.

For the past 18 months, the Hunter’s Green Community Association (HGCA) Board of Directors has been working on plans to construct a new gatehouse to further restrict outside traffic into the community. The new gatehouse will be constructed a few yards further into the community on Hunter’s Green Dr. and will allow room for a turn-around lane.

“Right now, they (people denied access to the community) have to go through the gate to turn around,” says Ann Johnson, manager of the HGCA. “This will help us better attempt to control and restrict traffic going into the community.”

Currently, all traffic that is denied access to Hunter’s Green has to pass through the existing gate to turn around. Some people take advantage of passing through the gate and continue into the community, despite having been “denied access” by the security guard. Johnson says the proposed turn-around lane will eliminate the problem.

The project, which, Johnson says, will cost $387,000 and is being paid for with Reserve Accounts, is slated to begin over the next 90 days and should be completed by the end of June.

In addition to adding a turn-around lane and rebuilding the gatehouse, the plans also include a realignment of the median at the Bruce B. Downs (BBD), Blvd. intersection with Hunter’s Green Dr. and resurfacing of the road. The new gatehouse, once completed, will boast new video cameras, scanning equipment and fresh landscaping.

Although new scanning equipment will be installed, the access requirements will remain the same. Visitors who desire access to the community between the hours of 6 a.m.-10 p.m. can call ahead with the name and address of the household they’re visiting. However, after 10 p.m., if a visitor isn’t on the community’s “approved visitor” list, the gatekeeper is required to call the resident before the visitor will be allowed access.

According to the community’s website, Hunter’s Green is home to more than 3,000 residents in more than 1,500 homes, apartments and condominium units.

Residents and visitors are being advised to check the Hunter’s Green website ( or the community’s Facebook page for traffic and construction updates.

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