Sometimes the ads on classified-listing websites, such as or, aren’t exactly what they seem to be.

According to PCSO, male domestic partners Chad Battle, 23, and Stacey Miller, placed an ad on for a “transsexual encounter,” posing as a blonde female.

On July 27, a 28-year-old victim responded to the ad and traveled to the residence at 32052 Northridge Dr. in the New River Township community of Wesley Chapel, located off of S.R. 54. The victim was surprised to find Battle and Miller there, instead of the blonde female he was expecting. The report says that the victim entered the residence, but, after realizing that the situation was not what he had responded to in the ad, he attempted to leave.

The report says that’s when one of the defendants locked the door and blocked the exit with his body, demanding that the defendant still pay for the meeting. When the victim refused, the report says, the defendant blocked the door and the two began to struggle. Once the fighting began, the second defendant emerged from the back of the residence and entered the ongoing struggle.

The report says that the victim was able to escape the house, but was assaulted with pepper spray and then struck in the head with the canister while making his way to his vehicle. The victim broke windows of both defendants’ vehicles before driving off. The report also notes that the defendants each got into a vehicle and chased the victim. The vehicles were pulled over by PCSO deputies and Battle and Miller were taken into custody.

Each was charged with attempted robbery and false imprisonment, and released from the Pasco County jail on July 28 on a $10,000 bond.

The same couple appeared in the Wesley Chapel Neighborhood News after a SWAT team standoff on May 18, following a domestic dispute between the two.


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