By Sean Bowes

Local drivers can breathe a bit easier, as their commute on Cross Creek Blvd. is about to become a much smoother ride.

For quite some time, there has been an unpleasant section of Cross Creek Blvd. within a quarter-mile of Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd., which recently had become so bad that the Hillsborough County Public Works Department stepped in to get the road resurfaced immediately.

Rainstorms, steady traffic and heavy equipment have worn down the current surface of the road that provides access to the Hunter’s Green, Cross Creek, Arbor Greene, Heritage Isles and Cory Lake Isles communities and to Morris Bridge Rd.

According to Steve Valdez of the county’s Public Works Department, the reconstruction of the road started on July 10, and, weather permitting, the normal flow of traffic will resume on all four lanes before the start of school on Wednesday, August 24. The 700-ft. damaged section of Cross Creek Blvd. had been reduced to two lanes, one in each direction, and will soon have only two lanes again until the construction is completed.

“We’re ahead of schedule on this project,” Valdez says. “Hopefully, Mother Nature doesn’t push us back.”

As expected, the $1-million project has resulted in consistently worse traffic for travelers driving east and west on Cross Creek Blvd. near BBD. To ease the congestion, two Florida State Troopers had been dispatched to control the flow of cars during rush hours, and also to make sure residents of the Cross Creek community are able to get onto and off of the road safely.

Ajax Paving is the construction company resurfacing the road.

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