Dr. Sam Jureyda of Radiance Orthodontics, located in the Tampa Palms Professional center, combines his outstanding expertise and experience with the latest technology to keep his patients smiling beautifully. (Photos on these pages provided by Radiance Orthodontics)

The world of orthodontics is changing at lightning speed. 

Emerging from the recent fad of do-it-yourself aligners that have oversimplified the process of moving teeth to a newer trend where large corporations are buying independent orthodontic practices, the idea of a neighborhood orthodontist may seem a bit old-fashioned. 

That’s just fine with Sam Jureyda, DMD, who considers his relationships with patients to be his top priority and understands the value that his decades of experience as an orthodontic specialist brings to them. 

“In this environment,” he says, “we focus on what we do best – offering our expertise in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, and providing the best possible customer service to our patients.” 

That includes treating patients like family, Dr. Jureyda explains. “When you’re here,” he says, “you’re a neighbor and a friend.” 

Dr. J, as his patients call him, opened Radiance Orthodontics more than seven years ago to serve patients of all ages, including kids, teens and adults. The practice is located in the Tampa Palms Professional Center off of Commerce Park Blvd. near the New Tampa Recreation Center. 

Before moving into private practice in 2006, and subsequently opening Radiance Orthodontics in 2016, he taught graduate-level orthodontics at the University of Buffalo. Prior to that, he earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from the Boston University School of Dental Medicine, a Certificate of Specialty in Orthodontics from the Howard University College of Dentistry, and completed a clinical fellowship in Orthodontics from University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, Department of Orthodontics. 

His education includes years of studying facial biology and growth dynamics, and his practice has includes decades of treating patients with sophisticated cases. 

Patients at Radiance Orthodontics are offered both traditional braces and Invisalign, along with Dr. J’s expert opinion on which option would be better for a particular case, and why. 

“There are so many factors that go into a decision about an appliance that you may wear for 18 months or more,” says Dr. J. “I am happy to go over all of that information so that you can make the right choice about the treatment plan that is best for you.” 

These days, general dentists are more frequently offering tooth movement and aligners. Radiance Orthodontics offers a deeper understanding of the dentofacial orthopedics involved in aligning teeth and jaws over a lifetime, whether it’s during the early years of childhood growth or even in older adults. 

Christy Schnell is a local mom who chose Radiance Orthodontics when her dentist suggested it was time for her daughter to get an evaluation for orthodontic treatment. 

“Dr. Jureyda is such a huge supporter of our local schools,” she explains, saying that she is so impressed by the way Radiance Orthodontics shows up for kids in our community that she decided to visit his office first. 

“After that initial visit, I could tell it was a really good fit,” Christy says, “so I didn’t even look anywhere else.” 

Whether they choose traditional braces or Invisalign Radiance Orthodontics’ immaculate, comfortable office offers patients a serene setting for their orthodontic treatments.

Christy appreciates how Dr. Jureyda includes her daughter Lyla in the conversation about her treatment, explaining the equipment and processes, and giving her the opportunity to ask questions. 

“Lyla had a lot more questions than I thought she would,” Christy says, “We were all so comfortable when we left (Radiance).” 

Since that initial consultation, not only has Lyla has started treatment — so has Christy. 

“My teeth were shifting because I didn’t wear my retainer from when I was little,” she says. “So, I figured while I’m here with my kids, I might as well get my teeth straightened as well.” 

She says Dr. J made it both easy and affordable to start treatment. 

He says that’s an important part of the way he serves his patients. 

“We’re seeing so much inflation right now, which is stretching families,” says Dr. Jureyda. “Radiance Orthodontics is a small business and we are in touch with what’s happening in our community. We try to walk that fine line between meeting the demands of running a business and keeping our fees affordable and payments flexible for our patients.” 

He promises reasonable fees that avoid the need for coupons or complex payment structures. Initial consultations are always completely free, as are consultations for those seeking a second opinion from Dr. J, where he may be able to provide additional avenues for treatment or a lower cost than other options. Radiance patients can rest assured that they will be given a fair price. 

That’s another reason Christy says she chose Radiance Orthodontics. 

“Friends had told me that Invisalign was much more expensive than braces, but at Radiance, the prices were actually similar,” she says. “It was so nice to be able to make the decision based on what was best for my daughter and me, without having to make a choice based on cost.” 

Never Too Young… 

Christy’s younger kids are already seeing Dr. Jureyda, too, although they’re not ready for treatment. The dentist suggested her son needed an evaluation, but Christy appreciates that Dr. J is watching his growth with appointments every six months, but not pushing treatment. 

Dr. J explains that treatment is always unique to the individual. 

“We often recommend ‘phase one’ treatment, which is for children as young as seven – and in some cases even younger – so that we can do early intervention that will make treatment easier down the road,” says Dr. Jureyda. “We follow the concept that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” 

However, that doesn’t mean that every child will need early treatment. It just means that all children can take advantage of Dr. Jureyda’s free consultations to get an expert opinion on what kind of treatment may be needed at an early stage, or somewhere down the road. 

And, speaking of kids, as a former educator, Dr. Jureyda makes it a high priority to support students and educators in our community. 

Not only is Radiance Orthodontics a business partner at all of New Tampa’s public schools and some Wesley Chapel schools, too, he also awards scholarships each spring to a senior at both Wharton and Freedom high schools. These scholarships recognize students who have demonstrated a commitment to serve the community through volunteering. This year, he also will offer a scholarship to a senior at Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School, too. 

Radiance Orthodontics offers Invisalign and braces for kids, teens and adults of all ages. To schedule a free consultation, text or call Radiance Orthodontics at (813) 972- 1100. For more information about the practice, located at 17427 Bridge Hill Ct., Suite A, in the Tampa Palms Professional Center, search for Radiance Orthodontics on Facebook, visit www.MyRadianceBraces.com.

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