By Sheryl Young

Imagine, as a parent, receiving this this letter:

“Dear Mrs. Smith, We’re pleased to announce that your child has achieved a perfect score on his/her Scholastic Aptitude Test, and is now actually performing above his/her grade level in all subjects.”

At Infinite Edge Learning Center, Inc., in Tampa Palms, this dream can become a reality. Sohbat (“Sobi”) Jabbari, M.A., M.S., and his wife Ozra have created a learning sanctuary to help students improve their schoolwork and knowledge of subjects at all levels. This improvement, in turn, contributes to higher self-confidence, the students’ ability to enjoy their scholastic years and be empowered for life.

Through individualized and group tutoring sessions outside of school hours, Jabbari and his staff of outstanding teachers help pupils in various stages of school with math, language, reading and science skills.

He explains what sparked the idea to start his extracurricular academy.

“As a teacher for more than 28 years in upper education, including community college and at the university level in Tampa, I felt that many students were lacking the proficiency they should attain before passing on to these upper grades.”

During those years, he estimated that 90 percent of students lacked the proper foundation to go on to higher education.

“I saw a need in the New Tampa/ Wesley Chapel area and surrounding communities for personalized help, and wanted to share my skills. ”

The program at Infinite Edge includes:

• Determining each student’s academic strengths and challenges via an entry assessment test.

• Designing individualized coursework for every student that addresses their weaknesses.

• Continuously assessing students’ progress before moving on to another concept. This maximizes achievement, retention and comprehension of academic knowledge.

This is developed in the following areas from kindergarten through twelfth grade:

Mathematics: Elementary (K-5) and Middle School (6-8), Pre-Algebra, High School Math (9-12), Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus.

Language Development and Enrichment: Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence and Paragraph Structure, Essay Development.

Reading: Elementary, Middle School, High School Reading, Phonics, Fluency, Comprehension, Critical and Abstract Thinking.

Science: General Science, Chemistry, Physics.

Sobi’s wife, Ozra, is Infinite Edge’s office manager. “We’ve been open four and a half years now,” she says. “We have so many wonderful testimonials from students who have improved in their work.”

One such testimonial comes from Nila Patel, the mother of Maya, who is in eighth grade.

“Maya had problems in math,” Patel explains. “After about a year at Infinite, her technique and confidence have improved and she’s not afraid of math anymore. In fact, she can now do math at the tenth grade level.”

Patel really loves the one-on-one attention her daughter is getting. “Mrs. Jabarri is always available, and the schedule is very dependable. It’s also very convenient. Maya attends Liberty Middle School, right across the street.”

Another testimonial came in writing from former Infinite Edge student Zach Mullen, now a freshman at New York University in Manhattan, NY:

“Infinite Edge is truly an inclusive, empathetic learning environment,” Zach said in his testimonial. “I struggled with mathematics throughout high school, and am certain I would not have gotten through the courses without the intense but also friendly help of Infinite Edge. From day one, my teacher (Mr. Jabbari) has guided me

along, giving me the tools to better succeed in school. Infinite Edge is the definition of educational growth.”


The Home Of Perfect SATs!

Infinite Edge has developed a reputation for helping students raise their scores to perfect and near-perfect levels in the PSAT (Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test), SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Testing) tests.

To see how much help a student needs, they are asked to first complete an SAT diagnostic assessment test via the Internet. It is scored immediately and evaluated by three certified and experienced teachers in Reading, Writing and Math. Then, an individualized course of instruction for that particular student is developed.

The course includes content review and instruction, test-taking tactics, extensive practice with tutors, free on-line practice with unlimited hours, and free full-length Saturday SAT/ACT practice.

“My biggest reward is when students get accepted to universities like Harvard and Georgia Tech,” says Jabbari. “But, for example, Algebra I and II are most important to proceed to other math. Without understanding these, students simply can’t do well in higher education.”

Thinking beyond the four-year college degree, the instructors at Infinite are even equipped to help students get into medical school, by offering training toward the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test).

One-on-one tutoring at the Infinite Edge Learning Center starts at $40 and every class is one hour long. Group classes begin at $20. College entrance exam classes begin at $50.

Home-schooled students and those involved in distance-learning also are invited to use Infinite Edge as a way to get extra, personalized education.

Many more details about the courses offered at Infinite Edge are available at the company’s website,

Infinite Edge Learning Center is located in the Tampa Palms Professional Center at 17419 Bridge Hill Ct. Sobi and Ozra Jabarri can be reached at the school at 971-6500 or at

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