Austin Podosowski

By Matt Wiley

Most kids can’t wait to be out of school. However, one Wesley Chapel man is in custody after hanging out on Wesley Chapel High (WCH)’s campus after dropping his brother off at the school.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO), Austin Podosowski, 20, of Angus Valley, dropped his younger brother off at WCH around 7:20 a.m. on August 20, when he decided to park and walk onto the school’s Wells Rd. campus without making the school aware of his presence, which is Pasco County School District policy. Two other non-students waited in the tan Lincoln sedan in the parking lot, the WCH resource deputy says.

Podosowski, a former WCH student, walked his brother to his class and even stopped in the cafeteria to buy some food and talk with other students, his arrest report states. The resource deputy says that when he found Podosowski, the trespasser was speaking with WCH principal Carin Nettles, before heading toward the parking lot. Nettles asked the deputy to cite Podosowski for trespassing.

Once confronted, Podosowski, who currently is on probation for selling pot and carrying a concealed weapon, admitted that he was dropping his brother off at school and that he was aware of the rules for dropping students off, which don’t include walking around on campus, fraternizing with students or purchasing food from the cafeteria.

The resource deputy and two other PCSO deputies searched the vehicle, which did not belong to Podosowski (he was borrowing it from a friend’s mom), but found no drugs or paraphernalia, despite a strong odor of marijuana in the vehicle.

Podosowski was arrested and charged with trespassing on school grounds, as well as one count of being in felony violation of his probation and two misdemeanor counts of the same charge.

Podosowski currently is being held at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center on a $12,500 bond. The passengers in the vehicle were issued trespassing warnings

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