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A recent viral video craze sweeping has been a slew of videos about the … “S–t (or, let’s say, “Stuff”) People Say.” Most of these videos go by unnoticed and are passed by in our browsers. However, some of these videos have received attention among other sites, such as

One of the most recent viral hits is “S–t Girlfriends Say,” starring Kelsey Darragh, daughter of long-time New Tampa residents Mike and Kristy Darragh. The video had instant success, reaching 2.5-million views in only three weeks. Not only does the video have a continually rising number of views, but the “likes” posted compared with the number of dislikes is almost 14,000 to just more than 200. With more than 2,000 comments posted, the video has certainly been a success. Kelsey and the crew behind the video even gained attention on; a site that simply tells you what video has been most watched that day.

Kelsey portrays every type of stereotype that can be attributed to a girlfriend. In true satirical fashion, some of the situations are a little exaggerated, but are, at the same time, still somewhat true. Whether crying, yelling, or laughing Kelsey made her character come alive and comically showed the unfortunate side to being a girlfriend.

Capturing things like the classic drunk dial, and the fights in the car gives Kelsey’s video a taste of relationship reality, the video shows everything from the constant nagging questions to the annoyingly loving side. Like other successful videos in this category, the “Girlfriends” video moves quickly from scene to scene. It never leaves the viewer time to really catch up until the end, and keeps the laughs coming.

Kelsey not only starred in this witty comedy, she also wrote and edited it — in one day. Her mother says that she is very proud, but cautiously excited for her daughter. Having spent time in the entertainment industry herself, Kristy (now a Realtor at Florida Executive realty in Tampa Palms,) knows how tough the film industry can be.

“I think she is the next generation,” says Kristy, whether her daughter ends up as the famous actress, or behind the scenes producing or editing. Kelsey attended the New York Film Academy, and graduated from the school’s Los Angeles campus.

As to why Kelsey’s video was so much more popular than the slew of similar videos posted around the same time, Kristy believes its because Kelsey’s short comedy looks much more professional than all the others.

“Its not my exact taste, but I see the humor in it,” says Kristy. That’s the point of the video, of course — to make people laugh. The use of strong language (parents, you might want to keep your young kids from viewing it) gears it towards a more mature demographic, but the video is meant as a joke and should be taken as such. Inappropriate dialogue is O.K. in this type of video. Offensive language can be part of everyday conversation; it’s no different in this satire of real life.

The viral success will hopefully be just the beginning for Kelsey, and the whole crew of her classmates behind the short film. The YouTube video is hopefully just a stepping-stone for Kelsey and her talented crew.

For Kelsey, according to her Facebook fan page, that goal is to make people laugh. Judging by the comments on the “Girlfriends” video, she is on the right track.

More YouTube hits may well be on the way for Kelsey, who recently tweeted that she has been cast in an upcoming video to be entitled, “The Girl with the Bumblebee Sticker.”

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