By Camille Gillies

It’s time to start sprucing up the house for Thanksgiving and all of your other favorite houseguest-inducing holidays. Can we get a “ho, ho, ho?” Well, breathe a sigh of relief because New Tampa and Wesley Chapel are chock full of businesses to help you get a head start on this busy time of year.

One of the first things you might consider to make your life easier is hiring a housecleaning service…and the mother-daughter team of Suyanne Neves and Ingrid Hess are here to help! A year ago, they opened Quality Cleaning & Services to serve New Tampa and Wesley Chapel, and they are off and running – er, cleaning.

Whether you need this dynamic duo for ongoing housekeeping services or just a one-time cleanup, they pledge to clean your house or office and more! Sure, choices abound when it comes to cleaning services, but Suyanne says her willingness to be flexible and her crew’s attention to detail distinguish Quality Cleaning from its competition.

“If you want to change (appointment) days or times, or if you need us to concentrate on a specific area of your home, we are happy to do it,” she explains. “We do whatever our clients ask. Every cleaning does not need to be the same, and if you need extra services done, we only charge a small additional fee.”

For instance, one week you may want them to concentrate on cleaning your patio rather than on tidying the kids’ rooms. Not a problem. Or, your usual appointment happens to fall on a bad day. Fine. They’ll reschedule it to suit your plans. Need some windows washed? A minimal charge will get those sliders sparkling in no time. Quality Cleaning is not locked into a specific checklist of items that must be accomplished with every cleaning (unless that’s something a client wishes). Suyanne says that she is able to offer a wider array of services because, unlike some other maid services, she is not restricted by a rigid routine dictated by a corporate office.

“My staff has even set up and decorated (clients’) Christmas trees,” Suyanne laughs, adding that the business also agrees to last-minute jobs. “I have had people call and ask if I can send someone over to their house with only two hours notice.”

Suyanne agrees to late-notice appointments but insists on an onsite visit before the start of every new job.

“I meet with the homeowner and, after discussing what they are looking for and seeing the size and condition of the home, apartment or office, I provide a quote for our services.”

A home that is typically well kept will require less time than one that is messy or dirty to begin with and our price will reflect that. Suyanne says Quality Cleaning has a four-person staff in New Tampa and Wesley Chapel and will always send at least two people to each job.

“We provide all of our own cleaning products and bring our own equipment,” Suyanne explains, stressing that the type of equipment is important. “We have special cleaning tools we like to use because they clean so much better than what most people have in their homes. I want to make sure the home gets as clean as possible because we are proud of our work.”

Suyanne, 46, decided to open Quality Cleaning last year after moving to Tampa from Sarasota, where for 14 years she has run – and continues to operate – a successful cleaning business that spans Longboat Key, Bradenton, Osprey, Sarasota and Ellenton. Her husband, Leonardo, had been commuting from Sarasota to Tampa for his job in international stock settlements with Citibank, and they decided it was time to relocate the family. They purchased a home in Live Oak Preserve in New Tampa, where they reside with their children Inna, 6, and Napoleao, 3. Ingrid, 29, is their eldest child and lives in Wesley Chapel with her husband, Houston, a personal banker at Bank of America, and new baby, Damond, who is 2 months old. Ready to begin branching out from her banking job with Citibank, Ingrid partnered with Suyanne and together they launched Quality Cleaning.

The team makes logical business sense. Ingrid, who attended Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers on a volleyball scholarship, graduated in 2006 with a degree in marketing. She has often helped with her mother’s business, even cleaning homes when needed. Meanwhile, Suyanne possesses the hands-on knowledge and years of experience in both cleaning and staffing. She began working in the cleaning industry in the ‘90s after moving to Florida from Brazil.

“I didn’t speak English and was looking for work,” she recalls in a strong Portuguese accent. “I started cleaning the lobbies of condominiums in Sarasota and Longboat Key and got to know the residents of the buildings. They started asking me to clean their condos. To this day, my staff still cleans many of their homes.” She says many Sarasota-area residents are seasonal and they trust her to care for their homes in their absence.

Suyanne says she treats clients as she would friends.

“My clients say my crew spends the time it takes to get the job done right,” she says. “And if they are not satisfied with something, I tell them to call and I will send someone back to their home right away to fix it.

“Four or five of my staff have been with me for more than 10 years,” she says. “They are very thorough.” She adds that the detail of her company’s work will be the biggest difference between Quality Cleaning and other local services. Evidently, that’s the opinion of Fred and Sylvia Estrada, of Seven Oaks, who Suyanne proudly states have now been her clients in three different cities.

“I cleaned their home when they lived in Sarasota, when they moved to Bradenton and now here in New Tampa,” she says.

Speaking of moves, Quality Cleaning also offers move-in and move-out cleanings, which are especially helpful to Realtors when marketing a residence, as well as to buyers and sellers weary of moving hassles.

Suyanne and Ingrid speak English, Portuguese and Spanish, so give Quality Cleaning & Services a call to discuss all of your cleaning needs at 381-1430 or 418-1217; or email them at They are always happy to provide references.

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