Let Realtor® Kandice Perkins of Keller Williams New Tampa help you find a new home with the kitchen of your dreams, too.(Photos provided by Kandice Perkins) 

With six years of dedicated service in the real estate industry, Kandice Perkins stands out as a licensed REALTOR® at Keller Williams New Tampa (located near the AMC movie theater on Highwoods Preserve Pkwy.) who is known for her military discipline, compassion and commitment to excellence. Kandice brings a unique perspective to her role, having spent a decade as an active duty U.S. Air Force veteran and nurse and a devoted military spouse, she focuses on helping families navigate the real estate market in New Tampa, Wesley Chapel and the entire Tampa Bay area. 

Kandice says her journey into real estate was inspired by her great-grandfather, who owned properties during her childhood. She reflects, “When I came of age, I became interested in owning property. This might have come from that seed being planted when I was younger. As cliché as it sounds, I believe this is what God told me I should do.” 

She compliments the comprehensive training she has received with Keller Williams, emphasizing the importance of understanding the business side of real estate. 

“Keller Williams truly teaches you how to operate and run a business,” Kandice says. “For me, it’s about running a real estate business versus just selling houses. Training is important. You have to constantly be a learner of the craft.” 

A Texas native, Kandice began her real estate career in Virginia before settling in Florida. She shares her own experience while trying to find her current home online in the Watergrass community in Wesley Chapel during the pandemic. “We found the model home on the internet at the end of July 2020 in the middle of Covid,” she says, “and two days later, we drove down from Virginia to see it in person, wrote a contract on the home, sold our Virginia home and waited eleven months for our home to be completed before we relocated to Wesley Chapel.” 

Kandice adds that the home-buying process is an exciting — but also challenging — time for families, and research shows that families like hers spend hours on the internet before ever meeting with a real estate professional. 

Although she is active on all social media platforms, she champions old-school, traditional and personal interactions in real estate, like advertising in print publications. 

Fondly recalling her upbringing in a small Texas town, she explains, “Being from Nacogdoches, I grew up reading the newspaper. Whenever I go home to Texas, I still read the newspaper at my grandmother’s. When we relocated here, and I received the first issue of the Neighborhood News in our mailbox, it reminded me of that small-town newspaper I grew up reading. I still love traditional marketing, and when I saw the ads, I knew I wanted to run a real estate ad in this Neighborhood News.” 

Understanding The Market 

Kandice provides insight into the dynamics of the New Tampa and Wesley Chapel real estate markets, and also sheds some light on the impact of interest rates on local real estate trends. 

“It depends on whether you are buying or selling,” she says. “People are still buying and selling homes every day. With rising interest rates, you have some homes that stay on the market longer; however, this is why your representation matters, and it’s important to choose the right Realtor®️who will work with and for you and develop a customized marketing strategy specifically to meet your real estate goals.” 

She adds that there is a direct correlation between interest rates and buyers’ purchasing power, and says these fluctuations definitely do affect the housing market. 

“Interest rates directly affect most people’s buying power and have knocked some of those buyers who already had challenges out of the market,” Kandice says. “The higher the rate, the lower the home value many people are able to purchase. Increasing rates have created fear in some buyers, too. Some feel like they want to ‘wait until the market crashes,’ but they could potentially be waiting for something that might never happen.” 

At the core of Kandice’s philosophy is her commitment to educating her clients, whether buyers or sellers. During her initial consultation with you, she will try to ensure that you understand the market. 

“It’s all about educating the clients to make sure they know exactly what the home buying or selling process is about,” she says, “so they can truly make an informed decision. I can educate my clients about the market, my partners and lenders. I get to know each client. The real estate process itself is the same whether you are buying or selling a home.” 

Kandice adds, however, that “What will be different will be the client’s understanding of that process. I find out the client’s needs and expectations and tailor my services. I ensure they are informed every step of the way so they can make the right decision for themselves. It always goes back to the education piece.” 

With her exemplary track record as a multi-million-dollar real estate producer, Kandice’s work ethic is an extension of the dedication she had to have during her military and nursing careers. She aims to create a seamless real estate experience for clients and has cultivated a nationwide network of reliable referral partners who share her values. 

And, unlike Realtors who confine themselves to rigid 9-to-5 schedules, Kandice embraces flexibility and multifaceted involvement. She teases, “I’m a Realtor, but I’m also a counselor, a therapist and a financial advisor. I wear many hats throughout the process. I’m truly here in a support role for whatever level of support my clients need. I care about the client as a whole person, not just as a transaction.” 

Still In Service To Others 

Kandice’s dedication to her clients extends to the elderly, as she recounts helping an 83-year-old transition to a new chapter in her life — selling the family home and moving in with her child. 

“I felt like I gave her the same service and care I would have if I was helping my own grandmother,” she says. “I felt proud because, especially in this day and age where you hear about elderly people getting taken advantage of, I know she had a great experience.” 

And, thanks to her client-centered approach, Kandice says, “She wasn’t overwhelmed and felt like she was working with a family member. She trusted me in one of the most vulnerable stages of her life. I was able to provide that service for her with true care and compassion.” 

As a senior Air Force veteran, empowering fellow veterans to achieve home ownership is another source of pride for Perkins. “To help a veteran who never thought they could own a home and build a legacy for their family,” she says, “those are really proud moments as well.” 

Monique Wyche, a fellow retired Air Force vet, says she is happy to discuss the outstanding service she experienced with Kandice during the purchase of her family’s dream home in Wesley Chapel and the sale of their former residence. 

“Kandice’s exceptional dedication, expertise and unwavering commitment as our family’s Realtor truly set her apart,” Monique says. “Not only did she skillfully guide us through the process of purchasing our home, but she also orchestrated the sale of our previous house seamlessly. Her deep knowledge of the market, strategic insights, and excellent communication made every step smooth and stress-free. Kandice went above and beyond by even arranging stunning drone photos that showcased our properties in the most captivating way. Her professionalism, warmth, and genuine care for her clients make her an invaluable partner in any real estate journey…..” 

In her personal life, Kandice enjoys reading, traveling, working out and spending quality time with her husband of twenty years, Nor Bryant, their college freshman son at A&M University, and their daughter, who is a junior at Wesley Chapel High. 

Kandice maintains an unshakable belief in real estate as a sound investment, rooted in her commitment to empowering clients through education. 

“No matter what changes are happening, real estate is always a great investment,” she says. “People will always need somewhere to live. The most important thing I do is educate the people to make sure that they make an informed decision about the investment. This is their experience and one of the most significant purchases that most people will make in their lives. It’s about serving the people selflessly. It’s never about me. It’s all about them and their experience. It’s about integrity, doing right when no one is around. As it’s changed my life, I love changing other people’s lives through real estate.” 

Realtor® Kandice Perkins is based at Keller Williams Realty New Tampa (18302 Highwoods Preserve Pkwy., Suite 110). The office number is (813) 991-1044, but the best way to reach Kandice is by calling (813) 560-5104 or visiting KandicePerkins.kw/com.

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