The charges of attempted murder and child abuse are likely to change for Chunping Lin, the man who, according to Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO), beat his wife so severely that she eventually died of her injuries on July 15 from the attack that took place on May 20.

Readers who have been following the story in the Neighborhood News may remember from our previous reports that Lisa Tian, the wife of Lin and owner of the Joy of Tokyo restaurant, was seriously injured when her husband beat her to the point of sustaining major injuries to her brain and wrist.

According to published reports, a search warrant early on in the case stated that Tian had, “multiple skull fractures (and) was suffering from brain swelling and a broken arm.”

A report from HCSO showed that Lin’s child abuse charge stemmed from Tian’s 10-year-old son trying to protect her, but was attacked by Lin as well, and suffered a laceration on one of his fingers.

Tian was transferred from St. Joseph’s Hospital, where she remained in critical and serious condition since the beating, to Melach Hospice House at 11125 North 52nd St. She passed away three days later.

A friend of Tian’s, Sara Johnson, spoke out on a Tampa-based blog about Tian’s marriage with Lin.

“She has suffered from her husband’s abuse since I have known her,” Johnson blogged. “She never left him because she loved him, and he didn’t speak good English. She didn’t know how he would make it on his own.”

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