There was an unintended mistake in the introduction I wrote in the previous version of this story that appeared in the June 27 edition (Vol. 31, Issue #13) of New Tampa Neighborhood News. I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience the error may have caused. Below is the corrected copy. Please also note that I have added below the date and time of the Hillsborough County Commission meeting where the commissioners are scheduled to vote on the proposed zoning change:

Some Pebble Creek residents have fought hard against the closing of the community’s open-to-the-public golf club and the potential redevelopment of the golf course property that would replace the currently vacant golf course land with additional homes. The judge in the tortious interference lawsuit between golf course owner Bill Place and his Ace Golf vs. Leslie Green of the Save Pebble Creek Group had not yet rendered a decision in that case. However, the redevelopment plan presented by GL Homes — which is planning to purchase the vacated golf course property from Ace Golf — has been approved by a Hillsborough County zoning hearing master and is expected to be put to a vote before the County Commission on Tuesday, July 18, at 9 a.m. Until then, below are the arguments for and against GL Homes’ redevelopment plans, presented by the two sides of the ongoing redevelopment dispute. — GN

Why GL Homes’ Redevelopment Plan Is Good For Us

Re: An Open Letter to All of Our Fellow Residents of Pebble Creek

My wife, Lynn, our two sons, and I are proud residents of Pebble Creek. We serve the community in various ways, such as participating on the HOA Board and multiple committees and working on our Neighborhood Watch program.

For over a year, many of us in the neighborhood have been collaborating with GL Homes on its plans to transform the Pebble Creek Golf Course into an upscale single-family home community. Our goal is to protect our community’s property values by replacing the eyesore in our backyard with an aesthetically pleasing, low-density residential development. Throughout the process, GL Homes listened to our numerous requests and constantly revised their plans. 

Like many of my neighbors, I believe we now have a plan that will positively impact the quality of life for everyone in Pebble Creek for years to come. I was pleased — and not surprised — that the plan received recent approval from P&Z (Planning & Zoning) and the County Staff. 

On Tuesday, July 18, at 9 a.m., GL Homes will go before the County Commission and ask for final approval of its plans. We invite you to join us in protecting Pebble Creek and sharing your voice that day. 

Why should you support this plan? Here are some facts:

• Pebble Creek Golf Course will not reopen. It was a neighborhood golf course that was not supported by the neighborhood. An expert shared with us a 2023 study that indicates a golf course like Pebble Creek needs a minimum of 150 neighborhood members to survive. At the time of its closing, there were only 13 members from the Pebble Creek community! I think it’s time to acknowledge that golf is no longer as popular here — and throughout the country — as it once was, and we should focus on other ways to improve our neighborhood. 

• Our property values will be positively impacted by being adjacent to a community with a beautiful entry, landscaping, and all detached single-family homes with sales expected to average in the mid $600,000s. It’s certainly better than a closed, dilapidated golf course that creates safety issues and fosters uncertainty in potential buyers’ minds. 

• All new development creates traffic. However, I appreciate GL Homes’ efforts to mitigate this impact by negotiating with the County to have one community entrance instead of two. That will significantly reduce congestion and mitigate traffic flow on our roads.

• The golf course is an excellent site to redevelop, and the GL Homes plan will create a healthier neighborhood environment, ecological system, and wildlife habitat. Of course, GL will have to work hand in hand with the FDEP (Florida Department of Environmental Protection) to ensure that redevelopment is done properly and in compliance with all regulations. 

I truly believe that years from now we will look back on July 18th as a landmark day for Pebble Creek. Stand up and protect your property values. Visit for more information on the hearing and ways to send your support directly to the Commission. — Lance Ignatowicz

Why GL Homes’ Redevelopment Plan Is Wrong For Us

Pebble Creek as we know it is in danger of drastic changes. Save Pebble Creek is not just me, but many residents and volunteers who believe that adding more houses to Pebble Creek will adversely affect our quality of life. 

We are far from the minority, as evidenced by the letter writing and petition turned in to the county. By our analysis of the letters of concern we found just hours before the zoning board hearing, a whopping 74% of the people that wrote are opposed. 

Pebble Creek is an older, well-established neighborhood. Many of us fear the remediation of the soil, the construction period, the increased density and the impact all this will have.

Pebble Creek is already the most densely populated neighborhood in New Tampa. A simple view of maps on your phone reveals this obvious fact. The proposed community may be less dense than the surrounding area but placed in the middle of it increases the density of the entire area. The traffic congestion at our exits can only increase. We fear that this will overburden our existing fire and emergency medical services and our schools. 

To pave over the golf course and place homes on it will destroy the community’s main green space.

Why, if we cannot use the green space currently would we still want to keep it? We have an abundance of wildlife here on the course and it would greatly be impacted by the disruption from construction vehicles and noise, the loss of their land to homes with fences and or enclosures, and adding of paved roads. We have blue herons, egrets, spoonbills, sandhill cranes and turtles, to name a few of the creatures that may choose to leave. See pictures by Larry Feldman at

Replacing “old growth trees” that have canopied limbs and leaves with palm trees will eliminate nesting habitats for birds, squirrels, raccoons, etc.

Years of construction noise and dust will affect the surrounding communities as well. The soil samples are not adequate and a soil remediation plan has not been approved. Soil blending, where contaminated soil is mixed with clean soil, was not recommend. See Emma Symborski’s impassioned and informative speech at the zoning meeting on or on YouTube.

It is important that this land is not rezoned to allow for further building. Then, hopefully, a more favorable use of the land could be agreed-upon and pursued. The golf course can be brought back. In fact, a golf course close by was reopened after years of being closed. Golf is far from a dying sport.

NGF (the National Golf Foundation) states that 25.6 million Americans over 6 years old played on a golf course and another 15.5 million participated in off-course activities like driving ranges and golf entertainment venues like Topgolf in 2022. The NGF also says that there has been a 40% increase in potential golfers over the past 5 years.

So, I call on all the surrounding communities Hunters Green, Heritage Isles, Cross Creek, Live Oak, Grand Hampton, Arbor Green, West Meadows, Richmond Place and Cory Lake Isles to help Pebble Creek. You will be affected, too. ABC Action News said that slow EMS response times may have to do with our congested roads. You can help by calling the commissioners and telling them that you oppose Agenda Item #23-013.2

 Our band of community volunteers is up against a big corporate builder with lots of funds, a law firm to represent them at the hearings and a PR firm for their marketing. We welcome the community to join us and help. Together we can Save Pebble Creek!

If you’d like to volunteer, contact: To contribute to our GoFundMe campaign, visit https://GoFundme/626e151. Need a ride or can provide one to the hearing on July 18? Please contact Mike at: — Leslie Green

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