More than a year after their crime spree that began just east of Wesley Chapel and ended in Colorado, the Dougherty siblings are slowly making their way back across the country, answering for their crimes in the numerous states in which they were committed.

Most recently, on November 9, the Associated Press (AP) reports that Dylan Dougherty, 27, pleaded guilty to taking part in the robbery of more than $5,000 from a Valdosta, GA, Certus Bank on August 2, 2011, where he also fired an assault rifle.

According to AP, Dougherty could face more than 35 years in prison for the events that unfolded inside the bank: 25 years for the robbery and 10 years to life in prison for the gun charge. He already has been sentenced to 32 years in prison for several assault charges in Walsenburg, CO, where the siblings were apprehended following a car chase and a shootout with local deputies.

Dougherty siblings Ryan, 22, and Lee Grace, 30, already pleaded guilty to the bank robbery charges last month, although AP reports that details of their plea deals were not released.

All three members of the so-called “Dougherty Gang” will be sentenced in Georgia on December 17, before facing charges in Pasco County for firing at deputies during a car chase when the trio’scrime spree began.


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