Rashmi Maharaj and Sunil Mohammed are the husband-and-wife team that owns Totally Blu Pools, located in the Summertree Plaza off Eiland Blvd. and S.R. 54 in Wesley Chapel. (All photos by Charmaine George).

Over the past 16+ years in the pool service business, Totally Blu Pools co-owner Sunil Mohammed says he’s seen it all.

His business has survived the last major U.S. recession (2008-09), the pool-building boom and supply chain shortages of the Covid era (2020-22) and pretty much everything in between.

So, what made Sunil and his wife Rashmi Maharaj decide to finally open their first-ever brick-and-mortar store in the Publix- and Home Depot-anchored Summertree Plaza at the corner of S.R. 54 and Eiland Blvd.?

“There are just so many new homes being built here in Wesley Chapel,” Sunil says. “And, most of them have swimming pools. I felt there was definitely room for a new mom-and-pop pool supply store here. Plus, we live 5-10 minutes away from the store.”

Unlike pool supply chain stores, Sunil is able to reassure his customers that he only carries quality pool supplies and will help them keep the water in their home pools clean, with the right pH levels and that he will stake his 16-year reputation on his ability to keep them happy.

“We give good service,” Sunil says, “and I know we have the best prices.”

And, Sunil adds that even though Home Depot is located in the same plaza, “the Home Depot guy is not our customer. He already knows what he’s looking for and wants to take care of his pool himself. We attract the customers who are new pool owners or who have no idea how to take care of their pools and who want to ask questions of someone who has that expertise.”

Sunil and Rashmi’s son Savir tests the quality of a customer’s pool water.

Part of that expertise is testing the pool water for what Sunil calls “the four basic food groups” of your pool — chlorine (or salt) level, the pH, as well as calcium and stabilizer levels. “We have everything you need to make sure that all four levels are properly balanced,” he says. “If all of those levels aren’t correct, you could have a problem.”

And, although Sunil says that he handles both residential and commercial clients, “We are really focused now on residential pools. Back in 2008-09, we had mostly commercial clients, but when that recession hit, we could have lost the business. So now, I’m very selective about taking on commercial clients. I have to know who they are.”

He adds that because of Totally Blu’s great reputation, some developers do get in touch with him to service or even help design their community pools, including Siena Cove and Bridgehaven here in Wesley Chapel.

Totally Blu Pools stocks a wide selection of pool cleaners. 

“I have licensed contractors working with me,” Sunil says, “so now, not only can I service your pool, I also can help complete, refinish or repair your pool. With all of the fallout from local pool companies that didn’t treat their customers fairly during Covid, we may even get into designing and installing pools in the future, too.”

Totally Blu Pools also has a current special on an ICHLOR salt chlorine generator from Pentair. Sunil says you can buy it for $1,000, “or, if you become a new service customer with me, I will install one for free. In that case, I would still own it and I’d take it back out if you fire me, but I know it’s a great deal. I love Pentair because the replacement parts for their systems are so much less expensive than others.”

Totally Green Lawns, Too

For the last four years, Sunil also has had his Totally Green Lawn Service. Even though he had never had a lawn service before, when one of his pool customers asked if he knew anyone who could cut their grass, he said he could do it. Four years later, he now has 700 residential lawn accounts, mostly in the Wesley Chapel area. 

“We cut, do the fertilizing and even pesticide application (in partnership with another company that is licensed to do that),” Sunil says. “We can take care of your pool and your lawn.”

Sunil adds that giving back to the community also is important to him, and he has raised funds to help buy ice time for the Wiregrass Ranch High hockey team that his son Savir plays for (although Savir actually attends Wesley Chapel High).

“We have helped people who couldn’t afford their lawn or pool service,” he says. “And we currently have a promotion where if you spend $50 with us, we’ll give you a $5 discount and match that with a $5 donation to a local elementary school in need.” 

Totally Blu Pools is located at 32781 Eiland Blvd. For more information, call (813) 788-7665, or visit totallybluh20.com.

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