t Meadows

Drivers traveling through West Meadows from Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd. should be cautious when approaching the New Tampa Gateway Bridge, as a traffic signal at the main entrance to The Landings community, located at New Tampa Blvd. and Wood Sage Dr., is now active.

As part of the $12.8-million New Tampa Gateway Bridge project, the traffic signal was installed as a traffic calming measure to help ensure the safety of pedestrians in the area, many of whom are students traveling to and from Clark Elementary, Liberty Middle School and Freedom High, from the increase in traffic since the bridge opened, connecting Tampa Palms with West Meadows.

The signal, which remained in flashing mode when it was installed in late March, is now an active signal. Another signal was installed at the student and teacher parking lot entrance to Freedom High, also to aid in traffic calming. That signal has been active since the bridge opened to traffic on February 27.

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