By Chase Griffi

As we all know, Florida really only has two seasons — spring and summer. We’re also the only state where it’s acceptable to sport sandals and a T-shirt to a business meeting. Business people in other states are sweating just thinking about it. Seriously though, it’s hot out there, so it’s nice to know there is an establishment like Cornerstone Air Conditioning & Heating to provide services year-round as our swim-trunk- wearing, ice-cream-melting weather rages on.

This Land O’ Lakes/Wesley Chapel-based company has been cooling down the area since 2006. Cornerstone’s services stretch across the map, covering all of Pasco, Hillsborough, Hernando and Pinellas counties. The company provides service, installation, maintenance and repair of every major air-conditioning brand.

“With a leap of faith, we opened Cornerstone Air with the idea of providing exceptional customer service skills and quality work to the community that we were born and raised in,” says founder and owner, Dana Goldsborough Spears. The company’s loyalty to the community also extends to Cornerstone’s participation in all local Chambers of Commerce and the company’s support for local events throughout the year.

Spears says that customer care is the top concern of everyone at Cornerstone. Indoor air pollution is a much overlooked health issue and Cornerstone Air can be a literal cornerstone of home health. Dust mites, pollen and aspergillus (molds) are just a few of the harmful microbes floating around your house. Cornerstone also provides UV light disinfection, a germicidal technology installed into your A/C unit which stops airborne pathogens dead in their tracks. Mainly used in the hospital and food packaging industries, UV light is now becoming a widely used technology in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry. The company also provides a duct-sanitizing program, which is included in its $49.95 System Rejuvenation package, practically bringing your home up to hospital-code air quality.

“We are always bringing the newest technologies available in our field to our customers,” says Spears, “and we’re always seeking new ways to help reduce electric bills and provide better indoor air quality.”

Speaking of electric bills and new technology, you can receive a $300 tax credit and up to $350 in rebates when you upgrade to an energy-efficient system, including such top brands such as Amana, American Standard, Goodman, Heil, Payne and Trane, to name a few.

Spears knows that customers not only want top-notch service and quality, but are also entitled to it. In a field sometimes known for high-pressure sales and mountains of hidden fees, Cornerstone Air stands out.

“Not here,” she says, “Cornerstone Air strives to always exceed your expectations.” The company has a simple pricing plan that includes a flat-rate diagnostic (regardless of the length of time taken by one of the company’s certified technicians) and a 77-point system cleaning and checkup guarantee that includes calibration and leveling of your thermostat, monitoring of the volts/amps on your fan motor, the inspection and lubrication of your bearings and much more.

It’s not a shock why Cornerstone received an “A” from both the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s

“We are seeking daily to expand our services to better serve our community,” says Spears.

Cornerstone Air’s top-rated services don’t end with residential care. “We also offer the highest-rated consumer equipment to our commercial customers to provide them with the highest quality service they deserve,” she says. Specializing in commercial and business accounts as well, Wiregrass Ranch developer Don Porter says, “From the onset, the Cornerstone technician was prompt and thorough, gave us all of our options, and educated us on the products available.”

So, after a long, tiring day at the office, or an over-tanned afternoon at the beach, not only can you come home to cool off, but, thanks to Cornerstone Air Conditioning & Heating, you can relax with wallet- and respiratory-safe efficiency.

Cornerstone Air Conditioning & Heating offers same-day appointments and you can schedule at any time through the company’s website ( For more info, call 949-4445.

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