When we saw that Stacker.com’s rankings of pizza places with Tampa addresses, based on Yelp.com reviews (see story on pg. 42), did not include any pizza places in or near Wesley Chapel, we decided to see which Wesley Chapel-area pizza places had the top ratings on Yelp, with at least 25 reviews each. 

On this page are the top-10 we found, based on their Yelp reviews, that are located either in Wesley Chapel proper or in Lutz from Oak Grove Blvd. east to I-75. (Note – PizzaSuprema on Collier Pkwy., with 4.2/5 stars on 147 reviews, was too far west to qualify). 

Please remember that these rankings are not mine or yours. They are entirely based on reviews on Yelp. And, since Stacker.com didn’t specify regarding their Tampa rankings, and knowing that Yelp reviews are usually overall ratings, we don’t believe these Yelp star ratings are based on each place’s pizza only. Even so, it was still fun for us to do this for you. Enjoy! — GN 

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