By Gary Nager

You may have noticed that the New Tampa/Wesley Chapel area is suddenly packed with frozen yogurt shops, most of which are national or regional chains. Frogury Frozen Yogurt Factory, located next to Five Guys in the same plaza as LA Fitness at the intersection of Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd. and County Line Rd., was actually the first create-your-own yogurt shop to open in New Tampa (south of the Pasco County line) — and it isn’t a chain.

Owner Ko Yung Chan, who calls himself “Jackie” (for obvious reasons), his wife Rita and daughter Sophia have created an all-nonfat-yogurt shop that offers eight different flavors at all time, including four that are always available — Tahitian Vanilla, Classic Chocolate, Very Strawberry and Mango Sorbet — and four other flavors which rotate in and out every two weeks. Among the yummy rotated flavors are Cake Batter, NY Cheesecake, Hawaiian Pineapple and Cherry Amaretto, to name a few.

Most of Frogury’s healthy yogurt flavors have only 100-110 calories and no grams of fat per half-cup (4-oz) serving, but of course, you can add plenty of fat and calories with a variety of Monin syrups (from dark and white chocolate to caramel and more), as well as fresh strawberries, pineapple, tasty gelatin pieces, white and dark chocolate chips, crushed Butterfinger, Reese’s pieces and other candy, peanut butter, lychee fruit, flavored Boba tapioca “balls” (more on them below) and even freshly sliced (on request) bananas. You design your yogurt, weigh it and enjoy! It’s always cold, creamy and delicious.

In addition, Frogury also features outstanding top-quality Lavazza brand coffee drinks, also with a variety of Monin syrups, from almond to white chocolate, to make your coffee as sweet a treat as your yogurt.

For those who prefer tea, Frogury also features a Variety of hot and iced teas, including the increasingly popular milk tea, which many people are learning to enjoy with plain Boba tapioca balls, also called “pearls.” Boba pearls, which add a chewy texture to any drink, were invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, but have become increasingly popular in U.S. tea houses, “But not usually at a frozen yogurt place,” says Jackie. “A lot of people like Boba.”

Frogury also offers fresh fruit and yogurt smoothies, fruit juices, fruit salads, and even fresh, moist muffins from Tampa-based The Happy Baker, which go great with a hot or iced cappuccino or latte.

Since it isn’t a franchise, Jackie says he can add any other items whenever he wants. He hope you and your family will come meet his family sometime and enjoy some delicious yogurt.

Frogury (6431 E. County Line Rd.) is open every day. Call 994-1960 or visit And, you can receive 20-percent-off your purchase with the coupon in the Frogury ad on page 30.

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