Dr. Stanley Castor To Host Lipocontrol Open House Sept. 20!

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and owner of Artisan Aesthetics in Tampa Palms Stanley Castor, M.D., has been chosen as one of the first doctors in the U.S. to be able to offer a brand new innovative body-shaping technology that until recently, was only available in Europe. Dr. Castor is proud to announce that his practice, Artisan Aesthetics, one of the pioneers in the field of aesthetic medicine, is now offering GPSLipoĀ® Laser LipoControlā„¢ by Osyris, an FDA-approved body-shaping treatment for removing unwanted fat.

Dr. Castor says GPSLipoĀ®, which uses the LipoControlā„¢ laser, is the safest and most precise laser lipo or liposuction procedure available for removing fat and tightening your skin.


How The GPS Laser LipoControlā„¢ Procedure Works

Even with eating properly and exercising regularly, many people are still seeking ways to quickly and effectively remove stubborn areas of unwanted fat. LipoControlā„¢, the latest innovative technology to hit our shores, quickly and safely removes problem areas of fat deposits, with total control and safety ā€” and this unique procedure is now being offered by Dr. Castor.

The procedure uses thermal energy in the form of a heat-generating laser to actually liquefy unwanted body fat and then remove the liquid fat, all in one easy procedure.

LipoControlā„¢ ensures a high level of safety and control because it also features a built-in GPS tracking system, which allows Dr. Castor to determine in real live time exactly how much energy is being delivered to a given area of the body, and allows him to keep that amount of energy uniform. Among the benefits to the patient with this additional control and precision are even smoother and more impressive results.

The entire LipoControlā„¢ procedure can be done in one session on a number of different areas of the body including the abdomen, waist (love handles), hips and thighs, buttocks, back of arms, knees, ankles and even under the chin to remove unsightly ā€œturkey necks.ā€ And, best of all, the procedure can be done right in Dr. Castorā€™s office without the use of general anesthesia.

In addition to removing unwanted fat, the heat generated by LipoControlā„¢ causes the skin in the treated area to contract, resulting in firmer, smoother skin that further enhances your body-shaping goals. Skin tightening continues to improve for a period of up to 4 months depending upon your bodyā€™s unique chemistry.

Dr. Castor says, ā€œI am amazed at the performance and results we are seeing from LipoControl. Hands down, this is the best, minimally invasive fat removal procedure on the market. And, my patients already love the results! ā€

Dr. Castor works with his patients to set realistic expectations, but Lipo-Controlā„¢ patients see immediate results, due to the reduction in fat and instantaneous skin contraction that occurs during the procedure. Typically, a day of rest after receiving a LipoControlā„¢ procedure is recommended but most patients resume normal activities by the second day. The results of LipoControlā„¢ continue to improve over the next 2-4 months and, best of all, every Artisan Aesthetics patient who has received a LipoControlā„¢ treatment to date reported improvement in the targeted body area(s).

To see how the LipoControlā„¢ system works, Artisan Aesthetics invites you to come to a GPSLipoĀ®-LipoControlā„¢ Open House at the officeon Thursday, September 20, 5:30 p.m. Hors dā€™oeuvres and beverages eill be served. Attendance is free, but space is limited, so call 971-2000 to reserve your space today!

Dr. Stan Castor grew up in Zephyrhills and graduated from Zephyrhills High at the top of his class in 1982. He spent some time working as an orderly and patient care assistant after high school and became interested in medicine. He worked his way through college playing church music jobs. Dr. Castor graduated Cum Laude from Florida Southern College in Lakeland with a B.S. degree in Biology and earned his M.D. degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia. He completed a five-year internship and residency in General Surgery at Emory University Hospitals in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Castor continued his training in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for two years at the renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, OH. He also completed a cosmetic surgery fellowship with world-renowned plastic surgeons, Drs. Baker and Stuzin and Baker in Miami, FL This fellowship is only offered to two plastic surgeons per year.

Dr. Castor is Board-certified in Plastic Surgery by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the only plastic surgery board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. He also is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Stanley Castorā€™s practice, Artisan Aesthetics, is located at 5383 Primrose Lake Cir., Suite A, in Tampa Palms. For more info, call 971-2000 or visit DrCastor.com.

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