Dr. Jim Davison Vows To Win His Latest County Commission Run 

Dr. Jim Davison 

Even though he’s previously run for three local offices and been involved in multiple citizen’s groups advocating on behalf of New Tampa, you still may or may not know long-time Hunter’s Green resident Dr. Jim Davison. 

Davison, the recently retired emergency room physician whose first run was more than 20 years ago — in the 2002 Republican primary for the District 2 seat on the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) held by current Commission chair (and Dist. 2 Commissioner) Ken Hagan — is now a candidate for the countywide (also known as “at large)” District 6 County Commission seat, a race that will be decided on Tuesday, November 5, 2024, the same day as the nationwide General Election for U.S. President. 

But, there is a lot for the New Tampa resident to accomplish between now and then in order to make it onto that General Election ballot for the seat currently occupied by Comm. Pat Kemp, who can not run for the seat again, due to term limits. 

For one thing, he will have to defeat South Tampa resident and U.S. Air Force Reserve staff sergeant Rico Smith (who is the lead field engineer for StemRad, an Israeli-American start-up company that develops and manufactures personal protective equipment against ionizing radiation) in the primary election that will be held on Tuesday, August 20. 

As of the date of this story, there also are three Democratic candidates who also will face a closed primary in August, with the winner facing the winner of the Republican primary between Davison and Smith — although other candidates could still qualify to run in either primary between now and July 2024. 

The Democratic candidates for Dist. 6 include former countywide Dist. 5 Commissioner Mariella Smith (who served from 2018-22); former citywide Dist. 1 Tampa City Council candidate Sonja Brookins (who lost a runoff against current Dist. 1 commissioner Alan Clendenin earlier this year); and former countywide Dist. 7 candidate Mark Nash. 

Although Dr. Davison also lost the 2004 Republican primary for the at-large Dist. 7 County Commission seat won by former Commissioner Mark Sharpe, as well as the 2016 run-off election for New Tampa’s Dist. 7 Tampa City Council seat won (by 65 votes) by Councilman (and fellow New Tampa resident) Luis Viera, he says that he believes his fourth run for public office will prove to be the charm. 

“I feel I can win the primary and the general election because I am now able to campaign 24/7 since retiring from medicine,” Davison says. “With my involvement in local politics and multiple county issues, like the (failed) sales tax, I feel that I can project what a majority of the electorate are feeling. I also will have and have committed greater resources to this (election).” 

Davison promises that he is a true fiscal conservative who will have New Tampa’s back if he is elected. 

“Back in 2002, New Tampa was struggling under rapid growth, just like many other areas of the county are struggling today,” he says. “County government was growing by leaps and bounds. I had seen politicians wrapping themselves in conservative ideals and patriotic symbols, only to see them forget those principles after being elected. New Tampa needed solutions then and it needs them now.” 

He says that he also will be the candidate who will work hard to make good on his promises if he is elected. A big part of that, he says, is restoring the public’s trust in their local elected officials. 

“Although there has always been a degree of mistrust between government and the people, it has reached new heights,” Davison says. “Covid and the recent sales tax issue are only the latest examples of complete lying and misrepresentation on the part of the county. As a member of the Hillsborough Transportation Planning Organization’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee (TPO CAC), I know the county (currently) has no intention of changing course. I run to not only present valid solutions, but to try and repair people’s distrust of local government by telling the truth and meeting their concerns.” 

As For New Tampa… 

Although Davison says it will be his responsibility to represent the entire county on the Commission, he won’t forget about the issues that are important to New Tampa with regards to the county. 

For example, “The East-West Road connecting New Tampa directly to I-275 north of Bearss Ave. is no longer on the county’s Long Range Transportation plan,” he says. “New Tampa may have missed the best opportunity in 20 years when the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority was going to build it and run express bus transit from New Tampa to downtown Tampa, starting about 2025. When the Florida Dept. of Transportation (FDOT) removed the express lanes from the I-275 improvements north of Hillsborough Ave to north of Bearss Ave., the Expressway Authority couldn’t justify dumping more traffic onto a failed roadway. However, the possibility of an East-West Connector for New Tampa still exists. In addition, we need to look at what is going to happen with Morris Bridge Rd., County Line Road and road, bridge and sidewalk maintenance (see story on pg. 10) in the New Tampa area. We also need to look at local transit circulators and bus rapid transit to USF and beyond.” 

He also believes that even though most of the communities in New Tampa are located within the city limits of the City of Tampa, the County Commission still has a lot of say about the future of our area. 

“Bruce B. Downs (BBD) Blvd. is a county road, as is Morris Bridge Rd.,” he says. “New recreation areas and sports fields will be needed in New Tampa. Maintaining all county property in good repair is another. The property north of Cross Creek Blvd to the county line, and between Kinnan St. and BBD, is all unincorporated Hillsborough County. Keeping the residents of that area safe has to be the number one priority and the responsibility of the Board of County Commissioners.” 

Davison says he also has been watching the situation with the Pebble Creek golf course closely and believes, “The Pebble Creek Golf Course situation never should have gone this far. The county has the money to purchase the property, using small amounts from several revenue streams. Both recreational trails, much needed sports fields for a whole host of sports from baseball and cricket to soccer and lacrosse could be built and the whole area constructed to facilitate a wildlife corridor. All of these are sorely needed in New Tampa. This is just good fair policy and would have great economic benefits. With the growth exploding north of us in Pasco, more homes and/or apartments and their traffic are not what we need here. If the county would purchase the site, everyone would come out a winner, including the present golf course owner.” 

Dr. Davison, who has been married to his wife Diane for 43 years, has lived in New Tampa since 1993. They raised their four children and were deeply involved in their schooling and sports activities. For most of the last 30 years, Davison worked as an Emergency Room Physician at multiple local hospitals and was the medical director of South Bay Hospital in Sun City Center, as well as the volunteer director of the Sun City Center Rescue Squad. The last four years he has worked as a staff physician at Med Express urgent care centers. 

He was appointed by the BOCC to the county’s Emergency Medical Planning Council and Indigent Healthcare Board and has served on multiple city and county boards and committees. He was appointed by Tampa City Council to the Transportation “Committee of 99,” and to the county’s Citizens Advisory Committee and Trauma Auditing Committee. He also is proud to have to lobbied city and county government for infrastructure improvements in New Tampa. From transportation, to recreation centers and ball fields in New Tampa, Dr. Davison’s voice was a constant at city and county meetings. 

He says he has spoken with all of the Republicans county commissioners elected in 2022 and they have all been encouraging. 

“There is much to do,” he says.

Is Bally Sports The Worst Of All Streaming Services? 

Although I also loved Major League Baseball, NFL football and NCAA basketball growing up on Lawn Guyland, New Yawk, I definitely was a major NHL hockey fan. 

Since my dad never really enjoyed watching sports on TV, I consumed as many games as I could get on our three network TV stations (ABC, CBS & NBC) and the two local stations that carried NY Yankees and Mets home games (Channels 9 & 11), and had to pick my own favorite teams in each sport since he could care less about any of them. 

My favorite NHL team when I was a kid was the Montreal Canadiens, because they were not only the biggest team, but somehow, also the best skating team. Oh, and they also just happened to win 10 Stanley Cups between the mid-1960s and late 1970s, when I became a hockey fan. Even when the New York Islanders, who played their home games only 15-20 minutes from where I grew up, began their run of four Cups in a row between 1980-83, my love for “Les Habitants” never wavered. 

That is, until I moved to Wesley Chapel in June 1993, when the Tampa Bay Lightning had just completed the team’s inaugural season in the league. I promised myself that I would no longer cheer for the Canadiens and would bring my young sons to as many Lightning games as I could — which wasn’t difficult during those early lean years, because great tickets at the Bolts’ original arena at the Florida State Fairgrounds went for like $10 apiece (or so). 

Three years later, I even took Jared and Jake to both of the Lightning’s first-ever home playoff games at what was then called the Thunderdome (now Tropicana Field) in St. Petersburg, including the franchise’s first-ever home playoff win — a thrilling 5-4 overtime squeaker over the Philadelphia Flyers in 1996. The Bolts lost that series 4 games to 2, but both of my sons (including then-4-year-old Jake) got a legitimate taste of what playoff hockey is all about. In fact, after Tampa Bay won its first of now-three Stanley Cups in 2004, both of my boys gave up other sports to play high school hockey for Wharton High. 

Unfortunately, the apartment complex where Jannah and I currently live only has Frontier cable and we stopped being able to watch Lightning games at home in the middle of the season a couple of years ago — during the Bolts’ run towards the team’s third Cup in 2021— when Bally Sports (which was then called Bally Sports Sun, or maybe Fox Sports Sun) and Frontier couldn’t come to an agreement over carriage fees. Jannah — who is now a full-on Lightning fan, too — and I had to go to local bars with Spectrum cable or satellite to watch the Bolts’ run to the 2021 Cup, as we could only afford tickets to one of those playoff games. 

It wasn’t until sometime in 2022, when someone told us that we could now stream Bally on our Roku device, that we were able to resume watching our favorite team at home again — and we also became partial season ticket holders the same year. And, even though the Bolts didn’t get to hoist Lord Stanley’s goblet a third year in a row, we loved both attending games and watching the others as often as possible in the comfort of our own living room. 

And, while I have never really jumped on or fully embraced the Tampa Bay Rays bandwagon after hockey ends each year, since Jannah isn’t a baseball fan at all, we kept paying for Bally during last year’s hockey offseason, mainly because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of having to sign up again when the 2023-24 hockey season began a few weeks ago. 

All was right with our hockey world as the new season began, but sometime in late October, it appeared that we somehow got locked out of our log-in for Bally. It felt like 2021 all over again. My ever-resourceful wife got on her “Tampa Bay Lightning Fans” Facebook page and saw other people complaining about having the same problem. Had Bally decided to lock out those who were streaming — and paying $29.99 a month for the privilege — its “service?” If so, what could we do about it? 

As it turned out, no, that wasn’t the case. Although we never got any notice about it — or Heaven help us, will we see any kind of refund for the three or four Bolts games we missed because of it — Bally simply had some kind of outage on its own end. That outage lasted more than a week and here’s the kicker — none of the barrage of emails I had received from Bally as our streaming subscriber ever mentioned the outage or even offered a customer service phone number for me to call to complain. 

Instead, I had to find a customer service phone number for Bally on Google and when I called, during the first period of the Bolts’ 6-4 win over the Ottawa Senators on Nov. 4, I agreed to the option of being called back, instead of continuing to wait on hold, after the first period ended. Big mistake! Instead of calling me back before the game ended, I finally got a call back from Bally (at 12:35 a.m.) and the polite customer service rep asked me if I was watching Bally at the time. 

“The game ended three hours ago,” I said, “I’ve actually been asleep, so no, I’m not watching my TV now.” 

Well, I decided to go to my TV so the rep could get me hooked back up, so I guess “All’s well that ends well.” I asked the rep if there was a survey I could take after the call ended, “because I’ve got a doozy for you.” When she said I would have to hang up and call back to do so, I decided that telling this story in these pages might be a better way for me to express my…let’s say dissatisfaction…with Bally. 

‘Grand Hampton The Movie Series’ Premiered ‘Anthology’ At Tampa Theatre 

Antony Capers and Grand Hampton kids perform a pre-movie dance number. (Photos by Charmaine George) 

Congratulations to local artist and filmmaker Antony Capers (photo, below) for the splashy Oct. 18 premiere at the historic Tampa Theatre (in downtown Tampa) of his YouTube horror serial “Grand Hampton The Movie Series.” 

What started as a pandemic project with his family and neighbors in their New Tampa neighborhood has grown into a multi-year endeavor with a loyal cult following. The series takes place in Capers’ upscale Grand Hampton neighborhood that — the viewer soon discovers — was built by “The CONNECTED” solely for the purpose of housing citizens within the government’s witness protection program. 

Capers was excited to pose in front of the Tampa Theatre’s marquee before the premiere.

The community has been experiencing some very odd occurrences, and — even more alarming — extraterrestrial beings have been seen roaming the quiet neighborhood’s streets. 

Beginning with Season 3, the series began branching out to discover the dark stories of so many of Grand Hampton’s residents. And, as someone who attended the premiere of the “ANTHOLOGY” of new chapters that bring three of these stories to life, I have to say that I came away impressed with Capers and his talented, all-volunteer cast’s efforts. 

Jannah, Charmaine, her boyfriend Brendan and I were on hand to find out what happens in the world’s craziest house in “ABBY.” Then, we witnessed the bond being broken between two brothers as they became part of an experiment in “PLACEBO.” And finally, we get to play a game of “SPIN THE BARREL,” where the winner actually loses. 

Members of the cast of ‘ANTHOLOGY” answer questions after the new trilogy of “Grand Hampton The Movie Series” episodes was premiered at the historic Tampa Theatre.

After the screening, Capers, the “Grand Hampton” creator, and members of his cast stuck around and discussed the project and answered audience questions. Capers said that Grand Hampton is a community where, “anything can happen and I believe ‘ANTHOLOGY’ proves that.” 

“ANTHOLOGY” is part of the historic — and reportedly haunted — Tampa Theatre’s annual “A Nightmare on Franklin Street” film series, which concludes tonight (Oct. 31) with a showing of the original “Halloween.” 

“Grand Hampton The Movie Series,” which participated in the Orlando International Film Festival (OIFF) in July, has been at the Tampa Theatre before, as Capers and his crew of talented actors not only got to present his “Super Vita” movie-length episode but also film a portion of it there. 

Among those who have provided cameos in the series to date include New Tampa’s District 7 Tampa City Council member Luis Viera and former Tampa Bay Bucs offensive lineman and local radio/ podcast host Ian Beckles, who was chilling and cool in “SPIN THE BARREL.” 

The premiere of “ANTHOLOGY” also included lengthy “commercials” from Capers’ sponsors, including EmployEZ, UES-United Employment Solutions, Done Deal Promotions and “Aliens of the Metaverse,” as well as a dance number with Capers and about a dozen Grand Hampton kids, ages 6-12. 

All “Grand Hampton The Movie Series” episodes are available on YouTube. 

Bring The Entire Family To Elements Of Stylez Barber Shop! 

The seven-barber team at Elements of Stylez Barber Shop in the Freedom Plaza on S.R. 54 is led by Briannah (“Bri”) Talley (Below, right) and her partner Daniel (Danny”) Quintana (Below, Left). (Photos by Charmaine George) 

Getting your hair cut, trimmed, faded, or styled can be fun and relaxing, or even a little nerve-wracking, as you wait to see your new look. One thing it usually is not is a family experience. Wouldn’t it be nice for men, women, young children and teens to all be able to go to one place for great haircuts and styles? Well look no further — Elements of Stylez Barber Shop, in the Freedom Plaza on S.R. 54, is just that place. 

Elements of Stylez (EOS) is a one-stop barber shop with modern music and décor and an upbeat atmosphere that is welcoming to all. The barbers at EOS are ready to cut and style men’s and women’s hair of all hair types and lengths. They also are naturals at keeping young children calm and still, so they can get that perfect first haircut starting at age 1, or get that stylish fade or blowout just right for teens before prom. 

Daniel Quintana and Briannah Talley, also known as “Danny and Bri,” are the couple and business partners behind EOS, combining their hair and cosmetology experience to open the business together in 2018. 

Danny has been working with hair for 35 years, first for about 17 years in the Bronx, NY, before moving to Florida and continuing his career here. 

He says that becoming a barber was something that basically fell into his lap. He was thinking of starting a new career path when he went to get his usual haircut. He got to talking to his barber and realized his hobby of cutting hair for friends and family could actually be a sustainable career. 

“After that haircut, I bought a pair of nice clippers and just never looked back,” Danny says. 

Teaching himself, as well as training with barbers and beauticians over the years, Danny discovered a passion for hair cutting and now can’t see himself doing anything else. 

“I have no regrets. If I had to do it all over again, I’d still choose to be a barber,” says Danny. “Even in my next life, I’ll be a barber. This career has given me opportunities and joy that I would never trade for anything else.” 

While living in New Tampa and working at a local barber shop, Danny met his girlfriend Bri at a local Supercuts 8 years ago. Bri, who hails from Detroit, is formidable with hair herself — or, as she puts it — “a beast with the clippers.” Deciding to work together — and work for themselves — they opened EOS together as co-owners and moved to Wesley Chapel, where most of their team lives, too. 

“We’re three female and four male barbers altogether, and five of us live in Wesley Chapel,” Danny says. “We love our Wesley Chapel community and watching it grow. We are grateful to all of our customers, near and far, who’ve helped us grow, too.” 

Booking With Booksy 

In addition to Danny and Bri, the talented team at EOS includes Mo, Yissi (pronounced “GC”), Isaac, Beatriz and Victor. In addition to haircuts for all ages, the barbers at EOS also offer fades, buzz cuts, shape-ups, cuts with designs and layer cuts, as well as braids, twists, and “locs” (aka dreadlocks). They also offer relaxing hot towel shaves and beard trims, shampoo and deep conditioning treatments, and hot tool styling for short or long hair. 

Be sure to check out almost all of the EOS barbers on Booksy, a website that lets you book appointments for barbers, hairstylists, nail salon artists, licensed massage therapists and more. Here, you can see the EOS barbers’ services in detail — with prices, estimated time needed for your service, pictures and reviews of their work. 

For example, Booksy says that Victor can hook you up with an after-hours appointment if you need it, and also offers fades, beard colors and eyebrow shaping with a razor. Isaac’s reviews make it clear that he’s great with both kids and adults. Mo is your man if you need steady hands for clean hairlines and designs. Yissi does hair for males and females of all ages but is known for women’s blowouts and “updos,” as well as eyebrow and lip waxes, locs styling, curly cuts, deep conditioning treatments, beard trims and shape-ups. 

Beatriz is the only barber at EOS without a Booksy account, but many residents of Wesley Chapel already are familiar with her work. Beatriz was the owner of Cuts & More, the previous salon at this same location, before selling it to Danny and Bri, and she continues to cut and style hair for her many long-time (and new) clients at EOS. 

Danny and Bri have a shared Booksy account and they both cut and style hair for kids, teens, men and women. In addition to many of the services already discussed, Bri and Danny also offer men’s scissor cuts, bald head cuts or trims with clippers or razor, fades and hot tool styling. They are both great with kids, especially cutting fades and intricate designs like hearts, stars, diamonds, and even the University of South Florida (USF) Bulls logo. 

Bri can do just about any hair service for women, from layer cuts to hot tool styling to natural cuts and keratin treatments. 

An example of SMP. (Above photo from Danny Quintana)

Danny is the resident scalp micropigmentation (SMP) expert at EOS. SMP is a specialized hair tattoo (see photo on next page) that gives the appearance of growing hair. He says that SMP is a great option to manage hair loss and receding hairlines and can last for 3-5 years. 

Danny has a unique experience with SMP as someone who has used it himself and now does it for others. He uses tattoo ink, instead of tattoo pigment, for longer-lasting results and stresses that it is important to go to an SMP artist who is really comfortable and skilled at the process. 

“There are many who can do SMP, but not many who can do it right,” shares Danny. “It is a tattoo that involves thousands of shallow applications to mimic hair follicles. Unfortunately, I have seen it done wrong, where the end result really does not look good, not like hair at all, so picking the right person is essential.” 

No matter what your reason is for visiting EOS, all of their barbers will leave with your hair looking good. 

Tani Mitchell is a regular customer of Danny’s and EOS. 

“I’m originally a transplant from Pennsylvania, so when I first came down here, it took a few haircuts from a few different people before I got referred to Danny,” says Tani. “But, once I started working with Danny, I was set. I’ve actually being getting haircuts with Danny for 8 years, so when he and Bri opened the shop, I followed him there.” 

There’s no other barbershop Tani would prefer for himself or even his kids. 

“When I go to EOS, I get the full service — beard, haircut, hot towel and shave,” Tani says. “My son got his first haircut there when he was 2-1/2 years old. I love everyone in the shop. Bri has done my daughters’ braids before sports season. She’s also cut my hair and my son’s hair. Beatriz has also done blowouts for my daughter. They cater to everybody. Great shop, great family environment.” 

Elements of Stylez Barber Shop is located at 30040 S.R. 54. The shop is open Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-7:30 p.m., and 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m., on Sat. (closed on Sun.). For appointments, call (813) 575-8416. Also visit @Elements_of_Stylez on Instagram to see pictures of the creative cuts, designs, and styles created by Danny and the rest of the EOS team of barbers. 

Boutique Med Spa Offers An Inside-Out Approach To Beauty & Wellness 

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Practitioner Tracy Burke’s Inside Out Aesthetics & Wellness, in an outparcel building in front of The Shops at Wiregrass, offers aesthetic treatments, hormone replacement therapies & medical weight loss. (Photos by Charmaine George) 

In today’s fast-paced world, where wellness is more crucial than ever, Tracy Burke’s Inside Out Aesthetics & Wellness redefines aesthetics by emphasizing the intricate connection between how we feel on the inside and how we look on the outside. 

Tracy is a nationally Board-certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and is Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C). 

Tracy has more than two decades of experience in the medical profession and fused her extensive medical knowledge, artistic skills and genuine caring nature when she opened her own boutique med spa in an outparcel building at the Shops at Wiregrass in May of this year. She is passionate about educating her patients and helping them look and feel their best. 

As a resident of Wesley Chapel for thirteen years, Tracy knew she wanted to open her new med spa in her home community. 

“It’s wonderful,” she says. “Wesley Chapel is a small community and the people here are wonderful. I wanted to build clientele and develop relationships with patients right here in my own neighborhood. I’ve traveled for work my whole life, always on the interstate, so it’s an amazing feeling now to drive 1.2 miles to my office and get there in 5 minutes.” 

Upon completing her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree in Family Medicine from the University of South Florida, Tracy undertook multiple training programs to attain her certifications as an Aesthetic Injector. With rigorous training and several years dedicated to the practice of administering neurotoxins, dermal fillers, utilizing lasers and providing RF microneedling, plasma-rich platelet (or PRP) and hormone therapies, skincare and all facets of the medical spa industry, she has developed a deep understanding of the treatments and therapies that are most and least effective within this still-evolving field. 

“I chose the name Inside Out Aesthetics & Wellness because my mission is to help people feel good on the inside and look good on the outside,” Tracy says. “It’s not just about aesthetics and beauty; it’s also about what goes on inside our bodies, including wellness and hormonal balance.” 

One of the med spa’s key strengths is its vast array of services. From traditional beauty treatments like Botox and skin rejuvenation to wellness therapies, Inside Out is a one-stop destination for anyone looking to enhance their physical appearance and overall health. 

But, what truly sets this med spa apart is that, unlike many other med spas, Tracy is both the owner and the practitioner. She says that it’s nice for patients to be able to see the same provider every time they visit. 

As an APRN, Tracy is uniquely positioned to provide weight loss, hormone treatments and administer neuromodulators, injectable fillers, biosimulators and PDO (polydioxanone) thread lifts safely and effectively. Each of these treatments, which are described in more detail below, are tailored to each individual’s unique needs, ensuring that Tracy’s patients always receive personalized care. 

Aesthetic Treatments 

Dysport, Botox and Jeuveau are FDA-approved neuromodulators that temporarily interrupt the signals between the nerves and muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. Neuromodulators address forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, neck bands and specific regions around the lips and mouth. 

“Neuromodulators stop muscle contractions which will prevent wrinkles from forming caused by facial expressions. Tracy says injectable fillers at Inside Out Aesthetics & Wellness include popular options such as Restylane, Versa and Radiesse, which serve to gently soften fine lines and wrinkles, boost lip fullness, provide volume to areas where it has diminished and refine the contours of the cheekbones and jawline. 

Tracy explains that biosimulators such as Sculptra and Radiesse, “will stimulate the body to build natural collagen and replace lost volume or add volume to areas in which you may have a deficit.” 

PDO thread lifts are procedures that use FDA-cleared polydioxanone threads, which are biodegradable polyester sutures. They can be placed beneath the skin to provide elevation, particularly around the eyebrows and cheeks. These threads also are effective in softening nasolabial folds (aka “smile” or “laugh lines”) and marionette lines, refining the jawline, enhancing lip volume, smoothing lip lines and stimulating collagen production for a rejuvenated appearance. 

“These dissolvable threads are used to lift and tighten skin, and they dissolve in four to six months and continue to work for up to a year,” Tracy says. 

Medical Treatments 

In addition to her many aesthetic services, Inside Out Aesthetics & Wellness provides weight loss and bioidentical hormone replacement therapies for both men and women. As a patient of hormone therapy herself, Tracy says she has never experienced a hot flash or any of the other systems caused by hormonal imbalance. 

“Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses a pellet inserted under the skin into the subcutaneous fat pad,” Tracy says. “The pellets are plant-based, so they are more natural than the ones made from animal hormones. They mimick our body’s own DNA, so our body recognizes it as our own hormones 

“We offer bioidentical hormone therapy for men and women,” Tracy says. “These therapies replace the hormones we’ve lost as we age or for when we suffer with a hormone deficiency.” 

She adds that these therapies also aid in heart, bone, brain and breast health. 

Tracy appreciates sharing a hug with her happy 
patients at Inside Out Aesthetics & Wellness.

Bioidentical hormones also help with menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, mood swings, low libido, fatigue, brain fog and weight gain. 

Tracy says that Inside Out also leads the way in innovative weight loss treatments. Semaglutide and Tirzepatide are prescription injectable medications that are FDA-approved for weight loss. They are designed to target appetite centers in the brain and gut. These medications essentially regulate the patient’s blood glucose levels and slow down digestion. Adults meeting specific weight and body mass index (BMI) criteria may qualify for these treatments to aid them in their weight loss efforts. 

Tracy’s vision extends far beyond the confines of her med spa. She strongly emphasizes the role of nutrition and lifestyle in achieving optimal well-being. Clients are encouraged and helped to make healthier dietary choices and exercise regularly during their beauty and wellness journey. She believes that beauty results from good health, and she says that a balanced lifestyle is an integral part of this equation. 

Collaborating physician Angel Pagan, M.D., oversees the practice, and Inside Out Aesthetics & Wellness prides itself on staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and research in aesthetics and wellness. Tracy is committed to ongoing education, ensuring that the med spa always provides clients with the latest and most effective treatments. 

“There are so many changes, advancements, new products and innovative ways to do things that you (constantly) have to inundate yourself with continuing education,” she says. “It’s a lot to keep up with — not only my license as a nurse practitioner, but for the aesthetic side, too. I probably spend 200 hours a year or more in training and continuing education.” 

Tracy takes a genuinely patient-centered approach. Clients are encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in developing their personalized treatment plans. She says that this open dialogue ensures that each client’s unique goals and expectations are met and exceeded. 

Tracy relays her favorite story of a satisfied client’s comments following a treatment: “She just turned around and said, ‘I love you, Tracy.’ She hugged me, and she was just the sweetest, nicest lady. And I was like, ‘I love you, too.’ It makes it all worth it when I help somebody feel good, and they genuinely feel like I care about them, and that they care about me, too.” 

She adds, “I (always wanted) to do what I love, so I would love what I do. Aesthetics is my first passion, and I enjoy helping people look and feel their best, so it all ties together: weight loss, hormone replacement therapy and aesthetics. People want to feel good both inside and out.” 

When not busy at her med spa, you can find “T Burke,” a wife and mom of six awesome adult children, advocating for foster children as a Guardian ad Litem in Hillsborough County, working out at the Wesley Chapel F45 gym, hiking in the mountains with her husband Robert, or chilling at home with the couple’s fur baby, a pup named Jasper. 

Inside Out Aesthetics & Wellness is located at 28100 Willet Way, Unit 18. Call (813) 602-6100 or visit

InsideOut-Aesthetics.com to schedule an appointment.