Empowering children to achieve success on and off the playing field, PROtential Sports has announced the opening of its newest youth sports camp in Cory Lake Isles, a Community Development District (CDD) located off Cross Creek Blvd. in New Tampa. Conveniently situated at the neighborhood’s newly revamped clubhouse, a hub of activity for the community, PROtential’s summer and after-school programs immerse children between the ages of 5 and 12 in a comprehensive mentorship program focused on teaching life through sports.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be giving kids in Cory Lake Isles an opportunity to reach their full ‘pro-tential’ in all areas of life,” says Tony Bland, CEO and president of Tampa-based PROtential Sports. “We’re confident that our integrated approach to developing campers athletically, mentally and emotionally will have a powerful impact on children in the community.”

PROtential Sports already has offered week-long summer camp sessions at Cory Lake Isles (and other local communities) each month this summer, and starting next week, after-school programs will launch. Enrollees will learn and participate in a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, football, baseball, lacrosse, golf, tennis and cheerleading. In addition to sports coaching and mentorship, the program offers transportation, snacks and homework help to all of its students.

Unlike traditional camps and after-school programs, PROtential Sports integrates life lessons into its athletic curriculum to help direct children towards a successful future. The coaching aims to cultivate character traits and instill values such as discipline, respect, honesty, integrity and teamwork in the children they work with each day. Every student is given individual mentorship to help them grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

“We couldn’t be happier about PROtential Sports coming to our community,” said Sheri Schobert, lifestyle director at the Cory Lake Isles CDD. “Our facilities and fields offer all of the amenities PROtential needs to thrive. We look forward to sharing in the excitement and watching the camp impact the lives of children.”

Driven by a desire to help kids, Tony Bland, a former wide receiver with the Minnesota Vikings, came up with the idea for PROtential Sports while hosting a series of summer camps with several NFL stars. The success of the camps motivated Tony to start his own. Partnering with his wife Nyree Bland, a professional tennis stand-out, Tony launched PROtential Sports several years ago. Since then, the camps have become enormously successful. In an effort to meet the demand of those looking to replicate the camps/programs in their own home communities, PROtential Sports recently announced strategic franchise growth plans.

And now, PROtential offers motivated individuals (especially those who have competed at a high level) a platform to showcase the skills and values they’ve picked up in the sporting arena — a perfect opportunity for current and former athletes and coaches looking to take the leap and plunge into entrepreneurship. The flexible hours and the ability to manage the business from home also make PROtential Sports a great fit for parents, teachers and others interested in child development. Prior experience in athletics or education is not a necessity.

For more information about PROtential Sports, visit ProtentialSports.com. For info about franchising opportunities, visit ProtentialSports.com/index.php/ franchise.


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